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1-2 wks early miscarriage :/ + confused please advise -

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HollyoaksFan6 Mon 07-May-18 16:34:37

Hi first time writing on here. I'm so confused and all emotional right now. I was overdue my period so i thought i'd check if i was pregnant. I done approx 10 home tests - strips and cheap ones i even brought a clearblue one they all said positive. I was just getting my head around things and was going to tell my boyfriend the happy news today. However i noticed blood while wiping on he friday night. I thought nothing of it because i heard you can bleed during pregnancy. Then i went to the loo later on and there was blood on my knickers and in the toilet. Not alot but just as if i was having a period type thing. I went to boots pharmacy where they advised to go hospital just to double check. I went to the hospital they took two samples of my urine and both said negative. She told me i had a early miscarriage. I was confused and heartbroken. The lady doc told me to do a home test after 48 hours and if it said positive then go to a + e straight away. I wanted to know at least how many weeks i actually could be so i brought a clearblue one that says how many weeks. I done the test and it says positve 1--2 weeks. I can not get to the hospital today as there are no buses running cause of stupid bank holiday and my friend is busy so cant take me. I rang a + e and told them what happened and the lady on the phone said i should be fine to wait until tomorrow and go see a doctor gp first. If there was a way i could get to the hosi and back i would go straight away cause i hate waiting. Im so confused and everything. My partner literally has no clue yet whats even happening. He doesnt even know ive taken any tests cause like i said i was going to tell him happy news today but now its sad news and he doesn't finish work until 8pm tonight :'(

HollyoaksFan6 Mon 07-May-18 17:14:01

plus forgot to mention i had swollen feet yesterday not for very long but was weird because i have never had swollen feet in all my life

Girlwiththearabstrap Mon 07-May-18 17:36:26

If you've spoken to someone on the phone today and they say it's ok to wait, you might be better off waiting and seeing a GP who can send you to your early pregnancy unit? I don't think A and E would be able to scan you - especially on a Bank holiday so they wouldn't necessarilly be able to tell you what's happening. How are you feeling now? Any severe pain or bleeding you should get medical advice though. I'm really sorry you're going through this and hopefully you can get some answers tomorrow.

Stephisaur Mon 07-May-18 17:37:58

Hi lovely. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this sad is there any possibility of a taxi to the hospital at all?

When did you go to the doctor and was it today that you got the clearblue positive? I think you definitely need to find some way to get to the hospital and get checked, even if it means explaining it all to your boyfriend when he gets home.

I have everything crossed for you that it’s just a bleed and not a mc <3

DBoo Mon 07-May-18 17:39:53

Unfortunately the advice you have received isnt great. A&e actually wont be able to do anything. Unfortunately theres not a lot anyone can do its just a case of waiting it out and seeing what happens. It is worth speaking to your gp so they have it on record you have miscarried but there isnt really anything anyone can do.

Im sorry for your loss. If you know the date of your last period then you can use that to work out how far pregnant you would be.

DBoo Mon 07-May-18 17:42:31

Sorry if you were 6 weeks plus pregnant then you may be able to have a scan to check the pregnancy but usually before that tbey wont scan you as there is not a lot to see. A&e usually dont have these facilities either and you will have to wait for the early pregnancy assessment unit which is likely closed today.

Unless you are filling a maternity pad with blood within the hour there is no medical concern i think.

Stephisaur Mon 07-May-18 18:02:11

@dboo do most a&e departments not help then? The advice in my area is to see a&e if you experience any unexplained bleeding after a positive test, up until 17 weeks when you need to contact your maternity unit. I didn’t realise this wasn’t a general thing sad

DBoo Mon 07-May-18 18:12:40

I don't think they do. I think unless there is severe pain (possible ectopic)or heavy bleeding (haemorraging) the line is that you are better at home in the comfort of your own home.

They can't actually stop a miscarraige and over the counter painkillers should be enough for the pain. This is all based on a miscarraige being like a heavy period. Unfortunately i know on lots of occasions that's not the case but i think that is the general advice.

In my last pregnancy i bled lightly from 6 weeks but the hospital would not see me until 8 weeks as scans would be more conclusive then.

zaalitje Mon 07-May-18 18:22:01

All A&E are likely to do is make an appointment for you to have a scan. Usually a few days/ week later, but for a scan you normally need to be about 6 weeks or nothing is visible.

I know it's stressful and horrid waiting but if they rule out ectopic pregnancy there is nothing they can do, medical intervention can't change the outcome and the outcome at that stage is a waiting game and therefore a possible miscarriage isn't seen as high priority.

Be kind to yourself op and go via your gp, it's possibly the smoother treatment path.

Girlwiththearabstrap Mon 07-May-18 18:29:34

Yeah A and E can't really do anything unless there's an accident or an emergency - ie severe blood loss or pain that they'd need to treat. I'd be surprised if they could confirm an early miscarriage too.
I had some spotting and bleeding in both pregnancies and because they didn't suspect ectopic they scanned around 8 weeks. It was horrible, I really do sympathise with the situation but it's not an emergency unless there's severe pain (esp one sided) or heavy bleeding.

HollyoaksFan6 Mon 07-May-18 18:44:42

hi yeah everything has happened all so quick and rececntly. I noticed the bleeding while wiping on friday then friday evening around 8pm i went to loo and was more blood not alot but was concerned. So on friday night i went straight to the nearest hospital (i was away from home for comic con etc)
i did the clearblue test today that says many weeks and it says positive 1-2 . The hospital lady on friday said if it comes back as positive then i must go to hospital. I have no transport and no buses are running to the nearest hospital as i have checked. My friend would have took me but shes busy :/ my town only has doctors and an a+e but the a+e doesnt deal with that , the nearest proper hospital is approx one hour on the bus / train. I didn't want to go via train incase i got stuck there. My bf doesnt drive. I am so anxious about telling him when he comes home from work very soon sad i know ill be such a mess xx

HollyoaksFan6 Mon 07-May-18 18:50:22

I have had no pain or any discomfort other than headache caused by crying :'(

it's not alot of blood either just some now and then :/
I will be telling my boyfriend as soon as he walks through the door i feel like a failure :/ Im 27 years old and always wanted babies. Cant even get that right :'( I never thought id ever get pregnant because of how much i wanted to but then it happened and i was just getting my head around it until i started bleeding

Girlwiththearabstrap Mon 07-May-18 19:01:29

You really aren't a failure, please don't think that. Definitely talk to your boyfriend. And then ring NHS 24 for advice and tell them the situation and symptoms. Did you speak to someone today? I'm not arguing with the advice you were given but I'm surprised that you were told to go straight to hospital for a possible early miscarriage so I'm wondering if nhs 24 might be able to help. I'm so sorry again. Its such a difficult time.

Guacamoledip Mon 07-May-18 19:09:31

You’re not a failure at all. Unfortunately miscarriage is incredibly common, and chances are you will have a healthy pregnancy next time.
If you’re not in a lot of pain or bleeding a lot then you’re best going to the gp tomorrow, they can refer you to early pregnancy unit and if you’re too early to scan they may be able to check your blood hcg levels. If you don’t have any pain and there is not a lot of bleeding there is a chance you haven’t lost the pregnancy at all, it could be a heavy implantation bleed. Try to keep calm, rest and get some advice tomorrow, and stop being so tough on yourself smile

DBoo Mon 07-May-18 19:17:28

You really arent a failure and if the bleeding is on and off i wouldnt automatically assume it is a miscarraige. As you said,bleeding is quite common in early pregnancy.

When was your period due / when was your last period? The cb digitals time from conception rather than how pregnant you are so 1-2 weeks is actually 3-4 weeks pregnant so if your last period was only 3-4 weeks late the cb digital could be accurate and they are not always right anyway.

Miscarraige rates are 1 in 4. Your not a failure and if this is a miscarraige then you are one of the unlucky ones. You will however find lots of women on here whp have been in that situation and gone on to have children following miscarraige.

I would disregard the advice you have had unless you get pain or heavy bleeding. A&e would really be no use to you at all right now it would be a wasted journey.

DBoo Mon 07-May-18 19:18:50

Sorry if it is only 3-4 weeks since the first day of your last period the cb digital could be right.

biscuitaddict Mon 07-May-18 19:22:15

Get some medical advice. It could be ectopic if your test is still positive after bleeding. I was told I'd had an early miscarriage, a week later tests were still positive and ectopic was confirmed by bloods. Call 111. If you wait you'll only worry all night. Xx

HollyoaksFan6 Fri 11-May-18 18:46:42

Update . I stopped bleeding by Wednesday morning. I had my second blood test this morning. Have to wait until Monday when the blood result phone line is open. Another few days to wait sad the clinical practioner who took my blood this morning said there's a chance I've miscarried and won't know for definite until my blood tests come back. So there's still that chance . I'm so confused and I know that the outcome / result will be terrible :'( . People telling me there's still a chance . The waiting game sucks I just need / want to know what's happening x

HollyoaksFan6 Mon 14-May-18 18:24:27

Update. I had my blood result back today over the phone and they said I'm still pregnant !!
I have a gp appointment on Wednesday . I am still in disbelieve and shock but happy at the same time X
Work says I can do light duties for a week but need a docs note if I need longer light duties which I think I need anyways considering I'm a carer and work 12 hour shifts X
Walk 25 mins to and from work aswell.

FASH84 Tue 15-May-18 18:13:02

Amazing news OP 😁

mrd Tue 15-May-18 18:26:53

Congrats OP! smile

HollyoaksFan6 Tue 15-May-18 19:52:50

Thank you so much X I can't believe it. Absolute miracle

HollyoaksFan6 Thu 17-May-18 07:41:39

Hey another update. I had a gp appointment yesterday inbetween my 12 hour shift .luckily work paid for taxi there and back. Anyways the dr basically didn't have a clue what she was doing. She kept repeating the word miscarriage and every time she did I wanted to burst into tears. She even said my pregnancy hormone level went from 72 to 168 ( i no idea what that means though) anyways she asked me if it's OK for her to ring someone for advice cause she didn't know if the pregnancy was still happening or not. I said OK. She rang someone for advice and still kept saying miscarriage or not. She was rude to whoever was on the phone. She then left my name and number to antenatal team . As she said I need an early scan to determine if there's a pregnancy or not. I feel so sad. Trying not to stress out. I was going to ask her a few questions because I thought I'd be seeing her after my blood result then everything should have been fine. I asked about work related stuff cause if I am then I don't want to do any heavy lifting at work for aslong as I can. She was going to write on my sick note no heavy lifting miscarriage quireed. I didn't want that horrible word on there. She was so rude to me and said well what do u want me to put.I'm speechless at that point. She's spored to be a doctor and should know things. She ended up putting pregnancy complications which I was OK with. I left the room and went outside to ring my mam and granda I was proper stressing and even more confused .how hard is it for professionals to determine whether someone is pregnant or not. It's so frustrating and stressful. Anyways I was that peed off with that doctor I went crying to the receptionist and said I don't want to see that Dr every again and I told her why. She understood how I was upset cause all I want and need to know asap is whether I'm having a baby or not and no one is giving me the answer. Anyways she gave me an appointment for Monday morning just incase I need to speak to another doctor.
Antenatal team rang me moments after and have booked me in for an early pregnancy scan for today at 12 . I'm so nervous that I'll be a heartbroken mess. I'm hoping for the best. My other half is feeling so positive though he even brought a car seat :/ I'm glad ges being positive and telling me not to stress but it's so difficult when u get told uve lost it then there's a chance then u are then Dr saying that word miscarriage then u need an early scan. Any wonder why I am stressing . I'm glad I didn't have to wait forever for this early scan. Pray for me X X

I will update later no matter what the outcome is.

HollyoaksFan6 Thu 17-May-18 07:42:54

Forgot to add the Dr did also suggest I'd be approx 6 weeks if I am even though she didn't have a clue about anything . That would mean I'm further then I thought if it's true .

Lilly1207 Thu 17-May-18 08:57:52

Your gp sounds like a jobs worth, and needs additional training (both medical and people skills 🙈).

Anyway... good luck for your scan today, at least you'll have some clarification either way. What will be, will be and I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry.

Good luck and fingers crossed for you xx

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