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Antenatal groups in Surrey

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Surfnicky Tue 15-May-07 12:09:15

Hi - First-time Mumsnetter here! I'm going to be a new mum (end of Sept) with ID twins and I have just moved to Cobham in Surrey. As I'm having the babies at St. Thomas's in London I'd really like to meet some mums-to-be in the local area and wondered whether anyone can recommend any groups (yoga/keep-fit/chats over coffee!) that take place in and around Cobham / Oxshott / Esher. I've signed up to take NCT classes in Esher in July but would love it if there's something I can get involved with a little sooner....

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

funnypeculiar Tue 15-May-07 12:30:01

Hello - & welcome to mn!

I'm involved with NCT in Walton & Hersham - not too far down the road <<waves out of window>>

Trying ringing your local branch - we run a local bumps & babes group (for pg ladies/with basis not yet walking) and also do regular social events/meetups etc - both daytime & eve. Someone there may also know local yoga classes etc - I can point you at one in Weybridge, but that maybe too far off??

Mumpbump Tue 15-May-07 12:56:03

Hello and congratulations! Probably too far away, but there are a few of us around Purley, Redhill and Crawley who have a meet-up thread for West Sussex/Surrey if you fancy a trip around the M25!

amyclaramum Tue 15-May-07 13:05:12

Hi Surfnicky I live in Esher and am expecting my 3rd baby on 1st September. I have signed up for NCT refresher classes in July but am hoping they will also run coffee/social things as I would love to meet some Mums due around the same time ( I have quite a gap between my older 2 daughters and this one). Let me know if you find any other groups as I have been trying to find a Yoga class too !

Surfnicky Tue 15-May-07 13:34:46

I'd love the information for the yoga class in Weybridge if you don't mind. I am about to take my driving test (grrrr...long story...passed the US test when I was 16 but need a UK license with two little ones on the way...!) but can get my husband to cart me around for the time being, so Weybridge might not be too far for me...

funnypeculiar Tue 15-May-07 13:58:32

Yoga in Weybridge - contact Beth Shay - 07961 528 216.

How can I put this nicely.... she's very, very sweet, but I didn't think her classes were amazing - but then with my first pg I went to some absolutely fabulous yoga classes (with Gerri Halliwell's yoga teacher, dotcha know!!) BUT the classes can be paid for as drop ins, so you could go for one & see what you think!

Also found whilst looking that out ...:
mumsinshape - Anna Coe on 02088737441 - runs pre & postnatal fitness classes in Esher - haven;t been to any, but she's lovely on the phone!

Another thought for you surfnicky - check your local NCT doesn't have a twins club - we have one that runs a mother & baby group every Thurs in Walton....

(Also, thinking about Esher NCT, amyclaramum, I know that they weren't awfully active couple of years back - but not sure if things have changed...)

Surfnicky Tue 15-May-07 20:53:40

Thanks for the info funnypeculiar, the mumsinshape one looks great, particularly the post-natal classes held in Esher (as I think it looks like the antenetal ones are in Molesey - unfortunately that little bit too far from me).

I have asked Esher NCT for info on twins stuff too.

Amyclaramum - will let you know if I find anything else!

amyclaramum Tue 15-May-07 20:57:27

Thanks funny peculiar - maybe I should pop down to Walton and Hersham Bumps and Babies ??!

amyclaramum Tue 15-May-07 20:58:14

thanks surfnicky - keep in touch !

pickledpear Tue 15-May-07 21:03:33

there are plenty of mother and toddler groups in that area on west end green is a good nursery and in weybridge in church halls opposite each other

yogababes Fri 05-Sep-08 21:34:29

I have been to Beth Shays ante natal yoga classes this year - and THEY ARE AMAZING!

My midwife recommended me and it really paid off in terms of what I gained for the labour and even afterwards.

She has moved to WALTON now - you can find details on


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