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Well, i think I’m out.

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Iswallowtoothpaste Mon 30-Apr-18 05:56:38

Just done another test and it’s no darker than the one I did 2 days ago. Not sure how many DPO I am but symptoms have gone too and have low abdominal cramping.

It’s taken us 2.5 years to fall pregnant again after last M/C and looks like it’s happening all over again sad

This baby is so wanted. Feeling very sorry for myself.

Dauphinois Mon 30-Apr-18 06:09:44

I'm so sorry thanks

Loulou0 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:15:32

I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you must be feeling. flowers

Loulou0 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:16:00

Sorry that was meant to be a flowers picture xx

huha Mon 30-Apr-18 06:16:37

What brand are you using? Some just don't get very dark. Have you used a CBD yet?

Loulou0 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:16:49

Do you have someone with you OP?

Iswallowtoothpaste Mon 30-Apr-18 06:18:20

I’ve been using FRER. Haven’t done a CBD and have got DP with me. So upset

Daffodil77 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:23:05

My frer looked the same at 11dpo in the evening as 13dpo with fmu. Like you I was concerned it wasnt going to stick. How strong is the line?

Mine was clear and by 15dpo had got darker. Although HCG doubles every 48 hours, if it's a low number to start with it may not change enough in absolute terms for you to notice a difference.

Keeping everything crossed for you. XXX

mellongoose Mon 30-Apr-18 06:26:53

I'm not so sure. I don't want to give you false hope and you know your body better than me BUT you're still getting a line. Some people never have early symptoms; I certainly didn't. Cramping could be anything depending on how strong it is.

Is there any spotting? Wishing you well thanks

Iswallowtoothpaste Mon 30-Apr-18 06:31:28

Thank you. I haven’t started bleeding yet but fully expecting to. Will upload pictures of tests.

I’ll have to drop my daughter off at school in a couple of hours and everyone is either pregnant or having babies.

Iswallowtoothpaste Mon 30-Apr-18 06:42:22

The top one is from Thursday when I initially found out I was pg.

The middle one is from Saturday afternoon and the bottom was is from this morning using FMU.

I know the bottom two look similar but I’d have thought it should be much darker by now and it looks ever so slightly lighter in RL.

Iswallowtoothpaste Mon 30-Apr-18 06:44:37

Slightly better pic

ferrier Mon 30-Apr-18 06:47:23

The bottom two are stronger than the top one. Isn't that what you want?
flowers if not.

IfyouseeRitaMoreno Mon 30-Apr-18 06:49:32

The bottom one is strongest.

Iswallowtoothpaste Mon 30-Apr-18 06:49:41

The bottom two were taken about 36 hours apart, thought the bottom one would be darker but looks very slightly lighter.

hamburgers Mon 30-Apr-18 06:49:48

I think the bottom one looks clearer than the middle?

I know you said you don't know how many dpo you are but roughly when are you expecting your period i.e. why did you decide to test when you did?

Iswallowtoothpaste Mon 30-Apr-18 06:51:30

* hamburgers* I ovulated later than I usually do by a couple of days but can’t tememer exactly when. I’m guessing my period would’ve been due maybe 2 days ago

SoyDora Mon 30-Apr-18 06:53:59

The colour of the line isn’t an exact science, it can depend on how much dye is in the test, the time you took it, how much you’d had to drink beforehand. I really wouldn’t lose all hope based on one line that you think may be a tiny bit lighter than another. At the moment, you’re pregnant unless something happens to tell you otherwise.

strawberrylove Mon 30-Apr-18 06:55:40

I thought it took 48hours for your HCG levels to double. So if this is right then the bottom test won’t look much darker yet. Try not to worry, positive thinking. It’s stressful I know, I also had a MC and ttc again. Its not over yet xx

NewDOOFUSfor18 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:57:34

swallow I mean this in the kindest way possible but step away from the tests. You cannot judge a pregnancy on the density of the line.

As for the pain....I believe implantation pain is incredibly common in early pregnancy and it feels like you're about to come on. I had it until I was 9 weeks pregnant, was utterly convinced I was going to lose the baby, until I got to my booking in appointment and the midwife explained how 'normal' it is.

Please stop stressing yourself out by repeatedly POAS flowers

PenguinChristmas Mon 30-Apr-18 06:58:09

I don’t think my test lines ever got any darker than the ones you’ve shown there but I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant (with 3 miscarriages previously and one son who’s 6) I don’t think there is an exact science to the test lines personally.

Have you had any bleeding or pain?? Although saying that I’ve had bleeding this whole pregnancy assumes the worst each time but baby has been fine.

Really hope is not what you think. Good luck

Iswallowtoothpaste Mon 30-Apr-18 07:03:22

Thank you all so much. I’m reassured somewhat.

I know I really shouldn’t be POAS. It’s not doing me any good and it’s making me stress. Haven’t had any bleeding although she had cramps on and off. Sore boobs keep coming and going but seem to have gone now.

I’m hoping and praying this little one stays put I really am. So scared.

YouBoggleMyMind Mon 30-Apr-18 07:06:06

They look like good test lines to me! I know it's hard but step away from the tests, only time will tell. If it's any help, I had NO pregnancy symptoms what so ever, all the way through my pregnancy and have a happy 4.5 month old. Good luck x

Raines100 Mon 30-Apr-18 07:10:43

I obviously have no idea if the pregnancy will continue, though I hope with all my heart it does for you. But never in my rounds of ttc did I give a second thought to the darkness of the line confused. I dont think that means anything at all. And pg symptoms don't even start until 4-6 weeks, and your uterus has to stretch... I would step back and relax. I dont have a crystal ball so cannot completely reassure you, but nothing in your post suggests m/c now. Currently, what you have is a BFP and a lot of (understandable) anxiety. Relax and be kind to yourself, and good luck flowers

pastabest Mon 30-Apr-18 07:10:54

I've never got particularly dark lines on tests. Barely visible line number one just spat cornflakes at me and and barely visible line number 2 is kicking me in the ribs.

You need to step away from the tests. The darkness of the line on these tests is meaningless. Even if you use two identical tests at the same time you might get slightly different results because of the differing amounts of dye in in the tests.

The cramping is a good sign. It generally means stuff is stretching inside to make way and implanting. It can be quite painful!

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