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35+4, arrrrrghh! horrendous pain in back/side

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FranticallyPeaceful Mon 23-Apr-18 10:17:58

Hi everyone, earlier I started getting a dull pain in my left side (towards the back) and in the space of a few minutes it seemed to spread like wildfire all the way up my side and my back into a sharp, almost like cramp but sharper but also dull all around it (hmm). I couldn’t move, it crippled me, all I could do was keel over my bed and breathe until it stopped. It was HORRENDOUS 😱

What the heck was this? Third pregnancy and never felt anything like it unless I’m in labour, which I’m sure I’m not as now it’s gone and subsided back to a dull ache.

Currently in the bath writing this out of sheer fear it comes back! Ha confused

FranticallyPeaceful Mon 23-Apr-18 10:18:13

My left side that is

FranticallyPeaceful Mon 23-Apr-18 10:18:22

But more towards the back really

Ekphrasis Mon 23-Apr-18 10:31:10

Could it be some sort of pulled muscle/ aggravated nerve?

FranticallyPeaceful Mon 23-Apr-18 10:41:38

I’m not sure. It happened again and now it’s gone back to a dull ache

Ekphrasis Mon 23-Apr-18 10:43:38

Hmmm - call mw? Have you taken paracetamol?

Maybe try resting as much as possible today.

WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat Mon 23-Apr-18 11:21:42

Sounds similar to when I had a kidney infection. Fucking HORRENDOUS - DH carried me from the car into my gp who gave me a shot and called an ambulance. And I wasn't pregnant - can't imagine how much worse it would have been if I was. Maybe see if you can get to your gp and take a urine sample. thanks

FranticallyPeaceful Mon 23-Apr-18 11:58:49

@Ekphrasis my hospital is over an hour ago so I can’t just nip in, I can drive but if it happens whilst driving I’d be on a motorway. Makes it a bit trickier! Haven’t taken anything but a bath helped, until it didn’t

@WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat ugh! That sounds horrible. I bloody hope it isn’t that. It’s thankfully just a dull ache again now (that gets better and worse) but has only crippled me twice so far. I can feel it creeping back up in intensity but very slowly this time

ferntwist Mon 23-Apr-18 12:15:51

I had pains like these for most of my second trimester and still suffering a bit in my third. Doctors weren’t able to suggest any reason and all tests were normal. I’m pretty sure it’s linked to endometriosis I had on the same side pre-pregnancy, except during pregnancy the pain is much more wide-ranging. I’ve read it can be old scars breaking and tearing as the womb grows and organs move. Have you ever suffered from endo or had any surgery for anything else that could have left old lesions?
Hugs to you, it’s not nice.

Toscacat Mon 23-Apr-18 12:21:30

Get a Gp appointment. .. It may be kidney stones or a urine infection

WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat Tue 24-Apr-18 04:31:02

How are you now @FranticallyPeaceful ?

FranticallyPeaceful Wed 25-Apr-18 10:38:19

@ferntwist I’ve never had surgery or anything like that. I have absolutely no clue what it could be!

@WhereTheFuckIsMyFuckingCoat I’m feeling absolutely fine! It’s bizarre. He’s had a growth spurt the last couple of days (or changed position) and I’m much more uncomfortable , but as far as the pain goes - it totally disappeared. I’m peeing more often than usual, so half of me wonders if it is my kidneys having a bit of a fit but have settled back down again? I really don’t know

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