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Anyone else getting tinnitus or pulsing in ears?

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bumperlicious Sat 12-May-07 16:34:51

I am quite regularly getting ringing or pulsing in my ears. It's really annoying, just wondering if anyone else had it and if it is pg relatedd.

Puppie Sat 12-May-07 16:58:58

Yep! Dont know why though

HonorMatopoeia Sat 12-May-07 17:00:15

I have a really oud swooshing sound at night when I lie down - does that count? Again,no idea why though!

MamaMaiasaura Sat 12-May-07 17:03:23

YES!! ringing though it was just me tho and not related to preg. Am only 6/7 weeks

RGPargy Sat 12-May-07 23:07:45

Got a pulsing feeling today. I already have tinnitus tho, due to far too many clubbing nights......

DivaSkyChick Sat 12-May-07 23:49:17

I get it too. First time right before I passed out on the tube, so subsequent times have made me nervous but haven't fainted since. It's weird tho...

jem1969 Sun 13-May-07 00:08:41

I had really heavy ear pulsing from about 10 weeks pg onwards- especially bad if walked up stairs etc. Am 26 weeks now and it's gone. Can't remember when just know I don't really get it anymore.

Pheebe Sun 13-May-07 07:53:54

I was diagnosed with pulsatile tinnitus in one ear at the beginning of the year (just before I found out I was pregnant). Had loads of tests but docs didn't find anything. Consultant thinks my hearing is getting worse as I get older and that I've become hypersensitive to noise in general so am more aware of internal noises such as blood flow near my ear.

Not saying for a second that you have this but it may just be you're hearing the blood flow near your ear because you're pregnant. Consultant said that my PT would likely get worse while I was pregnant because of increase blood volume and heart rate but might settle back afterwards.

MamaMaiasaura Sun 13-May-07 10:59:29

oo that is ineresting pheebe and makes sence about blood flow . thanks

Pebbles27 Tue 07-Jun-11 11:18:30

Hi, have just found out i am pregnant but already suffer from tinnitus just wonder if any1 has experience of tinnitus before and during pregnancy and the long term effect it worried it will make it worse only just learning to live with it.

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