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Cycling when pregnant - how long can I expect to keep it up?

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Pidge Wed 04-Aug-04 13:05:24

I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant and as part of my commute to work I cycle 30-35 minutes to get to the station and hop on a train. Driving isn't an option, and using public transport would add another 30 minutes to my journey in each direction.

I know that it all depends how things go in the next few months, but I wondered if anyone had any experiences of cycling when pregnant. I'd love to hear how long you managed to keep doing it.

With my first child I was super fit and healthy right to the end and did a walking holiday at 6 1/2 months, so I'm imagining if I'm lucky that I'll be able to keep up my cycling till Christmas when I'll be 6 1/2 months. Am I being naive!!?

eefs Wed 04-Aug-04 13:09:33

it's certainly possible. My friend (in Holland where bikes are plentiful) cycled until her 8th month with her second child, first child sitting on a carrier.
I don't think anyone can tell you to be honest, you'll have to see how you feel at the time. Why not just continue while you can. When do you stop work?

throckenholt Wed 04-Aug-04 13:23:30

zebra (posts here) cycled right through her pregnancies I think.

bundle Wed 04-Aug-04 13:24:59

a good friend of mine cycled until her consultant told her off when he found out she was cycling through very very busy w.London traffic for about 30 mins every day..around 38.5 weeks I think

Pidge Wed 04-Aug-04 13:52:28

This is very reassuring - I know I'll just have to see how it goes, but maybe I'm not being mad to think I can keep it up for quite a while. To be honest I'm finding it rather hard at the moment due to feeling sick all the time, but if last time is anything to go by I'll start to feel all bionic round about 14 weeks.

throckenholt Wed 04-Aug-04 13:56:55

I have got a feeling that most problems result from balance - your centre of gravity changes - but I guess if you cycle every day then you would adapt as you get bigger.

Sparks Wed 04-Aug-04 14:16:23

I cycled to work and back every day until about 34 weeks. I only stopped then because of feeling off-balance. I was fine about the cycling itself, but wasn't confident about manoeuvering in traffic.

I agree with the others that you just need to see how you feel at the time.

albert Wed 04-Aug-04 14:21:01

I had DS in Denmark where babies are practicaly born on bikes. I kept cycling as long as I could and then only stopped because cycling in sub zero temperatures is not much fun! That was about 7 months.

KeepingMum Wed 04-Aug-04 14:30:17

I cycled to work (14 miles roundtrip) with ds until I was 6 months I would have gone on longer but fainted on the bike (also fainted when standing or walking so wasn't to do with cycling think baby was sitting on a major blood vessel). I cycled right to the end and a week overdue with dd (with ds on back of bike - not very far though). I don't think there is any reason to stop doing it unless you feel uncomfortable, your body will tell you when you are exhausted and can't manage the distance anymore. Good luck, it must be a good thing to stay fit during pregnancy

highlander Wed 04-Aug-04 19:28:27

like all forms of exercise during pregnancy, it's up to *YOU* how you feel. If you feel safe and healthy then keep going - it's far better for you and the baby than sitting at home getting fat and unhealthy!

I personally stopped cycling when I found out I was preggers as I'm a complete monger on a bike at the best of times! But I kept running until 26 wks.

Piffleoffagus Wed 04-Aug-04 19:42:17

If you cycle regularly then I think it is ok to continue for as long as it is comfy, I kept cycling into town and back about 2 mile round trip, until 8 mths without too many probs both times!

Nome Wed 04-Aug-04 20:34:23

I cycled until 36 weeks. My hips were so clicky then that they ground worryingly with every push on the pedal. And it was December - good time to give up...

mckenzie Wed 04-Aug-04 21:17:45

very topical.

I'm just 11 weeks pregnant and my husband has requested that i know longer go out on my bike as he doesn't trust the other traffic. I cycle for pleasure and for fitness and i have a racing bike but I tend to only do road cycling early on sunday morning when the roads are fairly empty so i think it should be okay to go out.

However, DH feels quite strongly about this and so I feel I have to stop as I would never ever forgive myself if I carried on behind his back and then something happened. I missed a great triathlon last weekend, had to watch instead which was horrible.

cazzybabs Thu 05-Aug-04 11:16:38

Message withdrawn

hana Thu 05-Aug-04 12:32:28

I haven't cycled at all during the pregnancy. I could never ever forgive myself if something happened to this baby. It's a personal choice really, and if you're happy to do it, then go for it.

clary Thu 05-Aug-04 12:32:39

Good points from posters here. I cycled (6miles round trip) to work until 7mo with DS1. Stopped because of balance problem as others say.
With DD, cycled until about 3mo pg i think then had to stop as I was just gettingso tired I was pushing the bike most of the way home which rather defeated the object!
Bike sadly then consigned to the shed and has not been out since so I need to get organised and get back on it as not pg any more so no excuses!
Pidge, i should do it for as long as you feel comfortable.

Pidge Thu 05-Aug-04 13:42:23

Can I say thank you for all the comments here - it's been so useful to read other people's experiences. Obviously I'll have to see how things pan out and how I feel, but it's nice to think I may be able to keep it up for a while.

One major incentive for me of course is that without the cycle ride my commute to work goes up from and hour and a quarter to around an hour and three quarters. And the thought of having even less time with my 2 year old dd is not a happy one.

Will post again in a few months and let you know if I'm still pedalling!

Barbaloot Fri 06-Aug-04 00:01:02

My Mum cycled herself to hospital when she went into labour with my brother. Apparently the doctor wasn't too impressed, but no harm was done.

Pidge Wed 02-Feb-05 12:38:49

6 months later: an update and another big thank-you to all of you who originally posted such encouraging comments on this thread. I've surpassed all my own expectations and was still cycling this week at 8 months pregnant!

It is getting pretty hard work now, particularly with the foul January weather. And my cycle time has gone up to about 35-40 minutes each way 4 days a week (my working days). So I think I may call it quits for the last couple of weeks in work and take the slower 3-trains route.

But it's been brilliant exercise, and I'm sure has done me the power of good. And to be honest even now with my huge bump it's not as hard work as it was in those first 3-4 months through 24-hour a day morning sickness and total exhaustion.

Not intending to emulate Barbaloot's mum cycling to hospital when in labour though (and not just because I'm hoping for a home birth!!)

Nik72 Wed 02-Feb-05 13:01:58

Good for you! Am very impressed.

Leogaela Wed 02-Feb-05 13:39:45

Well done Pidge!

Nome Wed 02-Feb-05 14:13:31

Congratulations Pidge! I'm pg now and the main barrier to cycling is heaving heavy ds in and out of his bike seat.

Pidge Wed 02-Feb-05 14:30:05

Nome - hats off to you - I cycled with dd once a week up until Christmas when I was 6.5 months, and it nearly finished me off! It was only a 5 minute bike ride too - but what with lifting her into the seat, and then trying to get on the bike myself without us all falling over it was very hard work!

Nome Wed 02-Feb-05 14:35:23

Oh, I'm only three months, but my arms are already tired. [whinge, whinge] We have a trailer that ds can climb into, but by the time I've got it out of the shed, blah, blah, blah, I might as well have put him in the car!

DecafArabica Wed 02-Feb-05 14:51:17

That's fantastic Pidge. Am hoping to keep cycling throughout my 2nd pregnancy too--am 9 weeks at the mo. Last pregnancy I just sat on sofa eating Minstrels.

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