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NT results, how long did yours take?

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coffeeplastic Thu 22-Mar-18 14:27:40

We went for our 12 week scan on Monday and it was amazing. Seeing our little bean bouncing around in there was just incredible and such a relief knowing that he/she is growing and safe in there.

Everything that they could tell from the scan looked great - the nuchal fold measurement was around 2mm which we're assured is normal and the lovely technician pointed out the nasal bone and how that was a great sign.

But I still can't stop being anxious about the combined results from the blood test! She told me that if we are high risk we will be told by phone call in a week. She didn't say "within" a week, she just said a week. And that if we were low risk, we would hear by letter in 2 weeks.

I know it probably differs by which area you're in and which hospital you go to, but can anyone share how long they were waiting to hear either way?

Every time my phone rings I flinch, worrying that it's the hospital with bad news. Would it be unreasonable to give them a ring tomorrow to ask for my results? I mean, 5 working days is PRACTICALLY a week so hopefully they would have it on the system? Would they be likely to tell me?

I know none of you can tell me what my results will be, but hopefully some of you are familiar with the stress of waiting. We're so excited to share our news but just want to be sure that everything is okay first.

El1995 Thu 22-Mar-18 15:00:24

I was like you and gave them a ring after a few days due to anxiety and they gave my results over the phone x

coffeeplastic Thu 22-Mar-18 15:58:32

Thanks El1995, that is reassuring to hear, makes me more sure I will try ringing them (worst they can say is no). I hope you got the results you were hoping for.

gryffen Thu 22-Mar-18 17:47:42

Our area doesn't tell us anymore until after 20 weeks unless there is a major problem.
20 week scan next week and not heard anything so who knows.

Wuffleflump Thu 22-Mar-18 17:52:29

I got my results by post within a few days, and they were fine. I wasn't told to expect them that quickly, but I guess they weren't busy.

Bluebirdsky Thu 22-Mar-18 18:22:56

I would definitely give them a ring; if they aren't back yet then they will just tell you that and you can call again in a couple of days. If they are back then you hopefully get piece of minds

Oysterbabe Thu 22-Mar-18 19:40:37

We were told if there was bad news they would call within 3 working days. We got a letter after a week.

LucyLou19 Thu 22-Mar-18 19:48:30

2 weeks we got a low risk result result with 1 in how many thousand xx

Marmite27 Thu 22-Mar-18 19:51:04

It was about 2 weeks by post Porth times for low risk results.

Ours are printed on green paper, so for the second I knew it was low risk without even opening it as it was in a window envelope.

Anatidae Thu 22-Mar-18 19:51:11

At the scan. All bloods are done here a week or so before so that they have them and can just plug the NT measurement in and give you a risk there and then. Much better system 👍

GuntyMcGee Thu 22-Mar-18 19:52:47

You should have a result within two weeks. Give it time, no news is usually a good thing.

coffeeplastic Fri 23-Mar-18 08:49:52

Thank you all for your responses. I can't believe some areas don't tell you until after 20 weeks, I think I would go mad!

I tried to be patient but I'm such a worrier! So I just gave them a ring this morning. The midwife warned me when I asked that they usually don't even come back to THEM for 2 weeks unless there's a concern so she probably couldn't tell me, but she checked on the system for me anyway and mine were on there. And it's all fine, combined risk is 1 in >50,000!

I'm so relieved, and definitely glad I rang. Even though we know that no news is good news, it's still really hard to relax when you're a crazy pregnant lady which I'm afraid I am!

Didntcomeheretofuckspiders Fri 23-Mar-18 13:13:33

Had my sand and blood taken on Friday, got a letter in the post with low risk results on the Tuesday. Can’t believe some places take weeks!

gryffen Fri 23-Mar-18 14:46:31

NHS Scotland only tells people if it's urgent news but again each area is different.
NhsGGC doesn't tell people by post at all so that's why midwife appointment only.

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