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Buglife Thu 22-Mar-18 08:17:14

Sat in NHS cafeteria having just downed the gross sugary drink for my Glucose Tolerence test. All I can smell is bacon butties. I feel shaky from the fasting and the sugar. And I get to sit here for 2 hours, yay! Just a whinge smile

IanRushesInadequateFlushes Thu 22-Mar-18 10:44:49

Hope you got on ok!! That drink is vile.

CherryVicky29 Thu 22-Mar-18 10:47:41

Just had mine so know the struggle! So glad it’s over though the waiting was awful 😂

MagicFajita Thu 22-Mar-18 10:50:15

Is there not somewhere else you can sit op? A waiting room or maybe go for a walk.
Have you got the kindle app on your phone tablet to help you pass the time?

MagicFajita Thu 22-Mar-18 10:51:02

Ha! Too late.

Hope you were okay @Buglife.

CherryVicky29 Thu 22-Mar-18 10:51:59

@MagicFajita unfortunately your not aloud to walk around during the test and have to stay sat or only get up for necessary reasons I.E toilet or to get a drink of water

MagicFajita Thu 22-Mar-18 10:52:56

Really? I wasn't told that when I had mine.

CherryVicky29 Thu 22-Mar-18 10:55:06

@MagicFajita yeah apparently by walking around you can burn off the sugar in the glucose drink

MagicFajita Thu 22-Mar-18 10:58:03

Oh wow, I was just told to wait in the waiting room but to let them know if I was going elsewhere.

I even went and sat by the river outside for a short while as I was so bored.

Astrid2 Thu 22-Mar-18 10:59:11

I had to sit in the day room of the clinic in a fancy recliner with a couple of other pregnant ladies getting theirs too! It was so much better than sitting in a canteen with all the food around! Hope it went well and you get your bacon sandwich soon!

brogueish Thu 22-Mar-18 10:59:33

Watch out for the shaking - I had mine last week and fainted. By the time I realised I was going to black out I was incapable of asking for help. Came round surrounded by nurses and was wheeled off to a side room for the remainder of the wait! Apparently its fairly common. I passed the test though grin

LucyLou19 Thu 22-Mar-18 11:29:15

Why do you have this test? Only certain people? I've never had it or been offered xx

WillowySnicket Thu 22-Mar-18 13:46:57

Ugh , poor you. I had mine a few weeks ago and had to hold my nose for much of the 2 hours to stop myself retching!

Buglife Thu 22-Mar-18 17:22:45

Wow so many replies! I was done by 10pm and bought a tuna sandwich immediately smile then went for early afternoon tea at lunchtime with lots of cake so let’s hope I’m not diabetic! It wasn’t so bad after the initial half hour, I read on my kindle. Only Anti D injection to go in a few weeks and that should be all my needles if I remember correctly ... unless I need something during the birth?!

Glad the blood clinic opens at 7am so I got it done early so could eat!

bluechameleon Thu 22-Mar-18 17:29:27

that should be all my needles if I remember correctly
Unless you turn out to have GD and have to test your blood sugar 4 times a day... (it's actually not that bad, I was dreading it but it hardly hurts at all)

mintich Thu 22-Mar-18 17:32:40

Lucylou you only have it if sugar shows up in your urine at midwife appointments. It's to check for gestational diabetes

BrutusMcDogface Thu 22-Mar-18 17:34:26

I'm having it because one of my babies was over 10lb. No sugar in urine!

Wuffleflump Thu 22-Mar-18 17:50:27

Lucylou: I've been booked for one because I'm having twins and therefore higher risk for GD. No markers for it yet.

Buglife Thu 22-Mar-18 18:04:09

I think I got mine because I’m a size 16 so a bit fat grin so more at risk of it. I didn’t have one in first pregnancy and I had an average sized baby (7lb 6). No other issues and luckily my BMI doesn’t seem to be an issue in any other way, they want me to have a homebirth, blood pressure is always spot on. I am planning to go to Midwife unit for a waterbirth so fingers crossed I don’t have GD. I don’t feel like I have it!

bathandpjs Thu 22-Mar-18 20:05:28

@Buglife are you me? I have to have GTT cos I'm a bit fat. I also have to have the antiD. This is my first though.

I'm hoping to go in the birthing unit but it says only those with BMI up to 35. Could they still let me in the birthing unit even if I'm over 35.

Also, and I appreciate this depends on each NHS trust, but how long until you get the GTT results. Mine is next week and I've been told the glucose drink was like lucozade so I'm disappointed so many didn't like it haha

Addy2 Thu 22-Mar-18 20:16:23

Oh no, that sounds awful! Mine's on Monday. :-(

Needmorehands Thu 22-Mar-18 20:33:44

I had mine yesterday. Can't believe they make you sit in the cafeteria to wait! Yes the waiting room was boring and the magazines were old, but at least I couldn't smell bacon butties!
And now I'm getting nervous in case they ring me with results tomorrow. They'll only ring if they got the wrong answer, otherwise I just wait for a letter telling me I don't have GD (fingers crossed)

MeadowHay Thu 22-Mar-18 21:25:06

I had mine today, it was horrid. I had hyperemesis earlier in my pregnancy and luckily I'm miles better now but I still had horrid nausea all morning having an empty stomach, I had to keep going outside to get fresh air to stop myself from vomiting. We could go anywhere just had to be back in the antenatal clinic waiting room after two hours, I was advised not to do loads of walking as it burns off the sugar but I didn't do tons of walking or anything. I took a book.

Tbf the drink was a bit like lucozade, just a nastier, less sweet version. Made me feel really nauseous but I already felt nauseous from empty tummy.

So glad it's over. I only even got referred due to my ethnic background, the chances of me having GD are practically miniscule I think. I got told that I will only hear anything if I've actually got GD otherwise nobody will mention it again.

3boysandabump Thu 22-Mar-18 21:49:35

Round here ours is done by nurse at gp surgery and we get to go home for the wait part.

Needmorehands Thu 22-Mar-18 22:00:44

Its very interesting to read how many mums are being given the GTT despite not having urine showing any sugar.
The irony is that I was sent for growth scans as I am now an older mum and they're worried as its my 5th and my innards might be getting worn out and not working very well so they wanted to check placenta function. Apparently my placenta is working too well ad now they're getting twitchy because baby is measuring to be a bruiser - none of the previous babies were dainty (smallest 7lb 8), hence the GTT!

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