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Has anyone else experienced this?

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Fluffybat Wed 21-Mar-18 21:12:46

So I have found out I am pregnant with baby number two (we are delighted). It was a little earlier then planned- I came off the pill and was pregnant by the next month (I'm six weeks now). The thing is I have an almost 11 month old so am slightly worried about the small age gap. In addition to this, my first birth was quite traumatic and resulted in me having an emergency c-section. I remember the Dr saying that I shouldn't have another baby for 12 months and assumed that meant do not give birth within the 12 months but now I am wondering if it meant not conceive? I am feeling pains over my tummy and I am scared that I fell too early and now I am going to have a difficult pregnancy. Has anyone else fallen pregnant before 12 months after a c-section? Thanks so much.

SundayGirls Wed 21-Mar-18 21:24:01

I think the 12 months is a guide to let the cs heal fully internally before the uterus is stretched by a growing baby. If your 1st dc is 11 months it’s virtually there but as ever, check with your doctor or midwife with any concerns. Everyone’s experience will be different based on their own body so you’re likely to get some mixed responses but the truth is nobody here can know if it’ll be difficult or easy, so comparison won’t be very useful. But check in with your healthcare provider for reassurance and/or further detail. Hope this helps x

Ekphrasis Wed 21-Mar-18 21:31:23

I have a bigger age gap (5 years!) but there was definitely more stretching and pain issues with number 2 possibly c section and possibly just being number2.

I'm not sure about your age gap but perhaps think about accessing the birth reflections service at your hospital to go through notes regarding any trauma and help you decide what to do next time.

An elective section can be a very positive experience in comparison. I think the guidance may relate to the next labour. Rupture of the uterus through labour post section is rare but I don't know if the stats are a little higher within the timeframe you describe - though some women have a lower age gap than yours! You could phone the midwife to check this, but I'm sure being pregnant is not an issue right now. You will be able to have an elective section if you want one or you can have a vbac - the birth reflections can give you an idea of what might be best for you, plus a chat with s consultant or specialist mw.


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