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March 2018 babies- Part 2

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MrsL2016 Tue 20-Mar-18 12:34:58

Hey. Starting a new thread before the last one runs out. I will post a link to it in the old one so hopefully everyone can find it.

MrsL2016 Tue 20-Mar-18 12:37:45

And a link to the old thread for anyone needing to catch up:

TheMrs04 Tue 20-Mar-18 12:56:44

Place marking for the new thread! 😊

RayM Tue 20-Mar-18 13:03:50

I’ve been watching this thread since the beginning but haven’t yet posted! It’s been really exciting to read about all the March babies already with us. Congratulations 🎉 to all and I hope you’re recovering well. I bet being with your baby is just amazing. My due day is today. Can’t concentrate on anything but symptom spotting. No signs yet - she must be very comfortable in there!

MrsL2016 Tue 20-Mar-18 13:10:08

Welcome @raym! There are a few of us that are or have been due in the last few days, so you are far from alone with the symptom spotting. Let's hope we get a few more March babies before the week is out.

RayM Tue 20-Mar-18 13:17:39

I have my fingers crossed for everyone! Due day limbo is no fun!

TheMrs04 Tue 20-Mar-18 13:44:13

Hi @RayM welcome!

I'm currently 3 days over and desperately bouncing on my ball!!

It's MIL birthday today so I'm expecting the monster from inside to appear today 🙈

Vickylou78 Tue 20-Mar-18 14:10:37

Hello all! Thanks for the new thread!

I’m 38+4 so well off starting yet I think but had midwife today and babies head is 3/5 engaged so progress there I suppose! I cannot wait to have this baby! Struggling with a very sore bump, pgp, Braxton Hicks and a head cold!

Good luck all those overdue ladies though!! X

Crapbags Tue 20-Mar-18 14:19:23

Hello everyone

@blinkingeckmum sorry to hear your not fully recovered but yes I guess 6 days is still pretty early on hopefully not much longer for you.....can I just ask did you know beforehand she was back to back? I find myself getting worried about which way round my baby is..... he moves around quite a bit and I worry that he won’t settle into the right way but the wrong way iyswim?!

Your right @RayM due date limbo is no fun at allconfused

blinkineckmum Tue 20-Mar-18 14:24:22

Well I now have 3 dc.
Dc1 was also born b2b. I knew when labour started as all the pain was in my back.
Dc2 was not and the labour was easier.
Dc3 I didn't realise but when they examined me they found the waters bulging in a weird way and knew. I think she must have turned during labour.

RayM Tue 20-Mar-18 14:43:13

@TheMrs04 thank you 🙂. Haha, you’d have to name the baby after your MIL in celebration of this!

TheMrs04 Tue 20-Mar-18 14:52:20

If baby was a girl the name would certainly be in there as my mum and MIL have the same name 🙈 but it's a boy! 😂

RayM Tue 20-Mar-18 16:19:55

Phew! 😂

GWeatherwax Tue 20-Mar-18 16:31:58

Thanks @MrsL2016 for the new thread.

Thank you @HazyDays81 I'm trying to calm myself and will keep you updated smile

Crapbags Tue 20-Mar-18 18:12:31

Good luck @Gweatherwax how excitinggrin do let us know how it goes!

sammy891 Tue 20-Mar-18 19:09:15

Thanks for the new thread. Good luck everyone!

GWeatherwax Tue 20-Mar-18 21:57:18

Thanks @crapbags !

I'm in, I have a room to myself and first pessary is in - 24 hour one as cervix still not favourable. DH is away home and we'll both try get some sleep!

Vickylou78 Tue 20-Mar-18 23:07:32

@gWeatherwax good luck for this evening and your induction x

blinkineckmum Tue 20-Mar-18 23:10:27

Best of luck.

Ragdolly81 Tue 20-Mar-18 23:29:37

Good luck worth your induction. I am still sat here waiting getting lots of braxton hicks and bubble popping feelings in my bump. Can't walk for more than 5 mins without getting pains but no signs of labor. 40+3 now kids have gone there dads so hoping to go before Friday when I get them back. How is everyone else feeling. I don't even feel like I am going to go at all.

Crapbags Wed 21-Mar-18 05:48:15

Hope all is well @Gweatherwax

@ragdolly81 I feel the same it’s like the more time that passes the less likely it feels that things are going to startsad

Hollyxxxx Wed 21-Mar-18 06:23:25

39+5 FTM and no sign whatsoever. Midwife app tomorrow and told to go for a sweep at midwife drop in on Friday if I want to. Anyone got any successful sweep stories?

P.s if I get one more “is he here yet” message I will scream grin

HazyDays81 Wed 21-Mar-18 07:02:33

Similar here crapbags & ragdolly81 - had a few odd niggles & twinges but feel less like it’s happening than this time last week! Now 40+6.

TheMrs04 & MrsL2016 how are you both today?

GWeatherwax hope you managed to get some sleep & things kick off for you today!

Hollyxxxx I had a sweep with my second DS when I was a week over & had him the next day. Think it all depends on whether your cervix is ready tho. Yeah I know what you mean with the constant messages ‘any news yet?!’ Er nope I’m still pregnant!

MrsL2016 Wed 21-Mar-18 07:51:16

The messages are so frustrating. My DM and MIL are texting every day now. How many ways can you ask and answer the same question? I have had a few contractions this morning but they are very mild. Going to try and keep active this morning and hope they ramp up a bit. But I wouldn't be surprised if they eased off altogether. DH is a bit disappointed he has to go to work haha.

I hope the induction is going okay @gweatherwax

RayM Wed 21-Mar-18 07:54:46

@GWeatherwax I hope all is going well for you!

I’ve got a sweep booked in for today too so I’ll have to wait and see if that does anything.

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