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Maternity jeans

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Fidgety31 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:39:57

When did you realise your normal jeans no longer fit and buy maternity ones ? Or did you buy maternity jeans earlier on as they are expensive and want to get your moneys worth out of them?

I always wear black skinny jeans and have to buy short leg - there isn’t much choice out there.

Zampa Sun 18-Mar-18 21:42:36

I recommend buying maternity jeans with belt loops. You can then wear them fairly early on with a belt so they don't fall down. H&M jeans have loops and are good value.

(I hated my Seraphine jeans but others rave about them.)

Bobbiepin Sun 18-Mar-18 21:45:00

I went to New York on holiday at 13 weeks and bought some regular jeans in the next size up which lasted me until about 5 months and have been a life saver post partum. As for maternity jeans I got one pair from ASOS when I stopped fitting into the fat jeans but I was pregnant over the summer and wore mostly dresses.

If I was to get pregnant again I would invest in a couple decent pairs early on and wear the crap out of them. By the end I hated the pair I had and it got cold (October baby) so dresses were crap. I refused to buy another pair for the last 4 weeks and suffered through.

Cosmiccowgirl84 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:45:12

I bought maternity jeans in my normal size. Unfortunately my arse has grown as fast as my belly and I grew out of them by about 24 weeks!

I had JoJo Maman (hated as they didn’t stay up) and H&M which weren’t very comfy.

Just bought some New Look maternity jeggings which are super comfy and I love.

Fidgety31 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:45:35

Oh that’s good advice about belts
I have never shopped at HM but will have a look online

Guineapiggiesmalls Sun 18-Mar-18 21:46:05

I bought some at 20 weeks but didn’t really need them until 24 ish weeks. I got Topshop Jamie over the bump ones, and love them. So comfortable, and they have different lengths.

Bobbiepin Sun 18-Mar-18 21:46:15

Meant to say got the jeans at the outlet, otherwise mentioning the holiday is odd! Tbh even if they weren't cheap I would do it again.

Fidgety31 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:46:52

I’m due in November so going to have Summer but also some colder times

LaurG Sun 18-Mar-18 21:47:40

My normal jeAns fitted till bout 12 weeks. Though they were a bit tight. I’m 24 weeks now and still mainly in normal loose fitting clothes. In wired in between stage st the moment. Nothing fits. I bought some maternity jeans but they are far too big! I second what zampa says - but ones with belt loops.

PeapodBurgundy Sun 18-Mar-18 21:47:55

Asda do a good cheap range of maternity wear. I have a pair of black trousers, a pair of jeans and a swimming costume of theirs. That's all I bought in terms of maternity clothes, as most of my dresses still fit courtesy of the style (they were just a bit shorter at the front, and I switched to hold ups instead of tights to wear underneath).

My first pregnancy I didn't need maternity clothes until almost the end of the second trimester. I turn 18 weeks tomorrow with number 2, and I've been in them for weeks already. I kept them from the first pregnancy so I'll not have had bad wear out of them for the price.

Celticlassie Sun 18-Mar-18 21:47:56

I got some H&M ones that I loved and some ASOS ones too. Go for over the bump as soon as you can though - much more comfy!

Thelampshadelady Sun 18-Mar-18 21:48:09

Definitely get some with belt loops. I’m 30 weeks on Tuesday and the maternity jeans I bought at around week 14 are still too big so still unworn. I just live in maternity leggings when not in my work uniform.

Fidgety31 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:48:25

And I have a feeling I won’t be fitting in my normal jeans for long !

RockinRobinTweets Sun 18-Mar-18 21:50:39

It’s so hard because all shopping has to be online! I’ve got some from mothercare but they’re not great. Suffering through til the end now.

Fidgety31 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:51:23

I can’t remember when I wore maternity clothes in my previous pregnancies as they were so long ago
My kids are 20, 16 and 8 so it’s like starting from scratch all over again

WineAndTiramisu Sun 18-Mar-18 21:52:02

H&M do fab skinny black maternity jeans, I've lived in them since about 14 weeks (now 35 weeks)

BillyAndTheSillies Sun 18-Mar-18 21:52:12

Another vote for H&M maternity jeans. Wore them from 18 weeks right up to giving birth. Was gutted to lose them!

coffeeforone Sun 18-Mar-18 22:11:18

H&M maternity jeans are fab! I’m 13 weeks and can’t wait to start wearing mine! Bought two pairs a few weeks ago in black and blue (exactly the same as the ones I had last time that I wore throughout pregnancy and afterwards too!!) My normal jeans are getting tight so waiting until after my scan this week then will probably wear them all the time!

Fidgety31 Sun 18-Mar-18 22:13:47

I just had a look on HM website but they don’t have short leg ?
Will try looking in the shop maybe

RocketPockets Sun 18-Mar-18 22:14:20

I got some h & m over the bump ones and they were fantastic! Comfiest jeans ever, I lived in them! I also bought some over the bump ones from next which were awful. The over the bump panel was massive and made of a weird net like material which was very itchy!!

Bobbiepin Sun 18-Mar-18 22:18:38

H&m maternity leggins were AMAZING. I think any maternity jeans towards the end are uncomfortable tbh.

El1995 Sun 18-Mar-18 22:57:06

I got some great topshop Jamie jeans off ebay! Only just had to buy them (35 weeks), lasted in leggings for ages!!

Cloudwalk Mon 19-Mar-18 07:04:24

Top shop black jeans (they do short lengths!) under the bump.

Had them now for 17 weeks, they wash, tumble dry and I wouldn't have survived without

You do need a belt though so I brought a stretchy one

misshannah Mon 19-Mar-18 08:02:34

@Fidgety31, im 5ft1 and a size 8/10. The only jeans i could in maternity range were the Topshop Joni in black. They only sell maternity online i believe now and the short maternity ones sell out pretty quickly so i bought mine early on, although had to anyway as my jeans were struggling to do up. They are so comfortable! Highly recommend and good quality.

KitCatt Mon 19-Mar-18 08:46:33

I am 5ft and didn't want to spend a fortune. Found some petite maternity jeggings on the New Look website and I think they were only 20 quid. So I got a pair in black and blue and I live in them. They do under bump and over bump - the over bump seem to fall down less 😂 Hope that helps!

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