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6 weeks and funny pains...

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CalliopeMcPherson Fri 16-Mar-18 23:04:09

First time mum here! Found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago and have recently started getting funny pains which feel like ovary pain. Has anyone had this before? In both sides, right over ovaries, almost a dull ache spreading down legs. I have an appointment for an early scan on Monday but so anxious I'm not sure I'll make it through the weekend without falling apart! Thing is, I was worried about ectopic but surely pain would only be on one side? Was also thinking it could be a cyst from ovulation, but again, both sides... this pregnancy business is stressful! Fingers crossed tightly for Monday. Any words of wisdom re pain or how to reduce anxiety are much needed...

jubbablub Fri 16-Mar-18 23:14:00

I had this. It was just round ligament pain/stretching pain. I had an early scan at 7+4 and everything was fine and is still fine at 12+6.

I kept telling myself that every twinge is just the baby and placenta getting settled in there. It’s all hormones and hormones are good.

CalliopeMcPherson Fri 16-Mar-18 23:28:02

@jubbablub thank you. I didn't realise you could get these pains so early! I've had them since 4+5. It's hard not to panic sometimes...

jubbablub Sat 17-Mar-18 06:05:15

Calliope, I think by the end of week 8, your uterus is double it’s normal size, your body has so much going on in those first few weeks. If your dead worried, ring the EPU and ask for a scan or get a private one done.

It’s so hard not to worry, but again that’s just you bonding with that little person.

FluffPuddle Sat 17-Mar-18 06:43:38

I had this and had an early scan at 6 wk (first pregnancy) as I was originally concerned, mainly as I had surgery for endometriosis last year. Turned out it was fluid from the pregnancy cyst and all quite normal (hence why both sides of pain as the fluid was across). But you're right to get it checked, hope it's all okay.

Teateaandmoretea Sat 17-Mar-18 06:47:17

It's completely normal to have weird pains in early pregnancy. Congratulations and enjoy the weekend

surreygirl1987 Sat 17-Mar-18 19:22:35

I had horrible round ligament pains at around 5 weeks and thought something had snapped inside me! No-one warned me but apparently it's relatively common! It's crazy how little we know about the early days of pregnancy until we actually experience it ourselves! Don't worry and hopefully the scan will put your mind at ease! Good luck smile

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