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Pregnant and constantly irritated with partner! Normal?

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CobaltRose Tue 13-Mar-18 20:58:53

Hi everyone. I'm 21 and my fiancé is 23. We've been together for 18 months, engaged for three. I'm eight weeks pregnant with our first child.

This pregnancy was very much unplanned (contraceptive failure), but once we had time to process it and get over the shock we couldn't be more excited! grin

The only problem is... Since I got pregnant every little thing my fiancé does or says pisses me off! I don't like to be touched and find myself almost constantly annoyed. I have to stop myself from pulling away even when he's just putting his arm around me or resting his hand on my leg. I've never felt this way before and we're usually pretty tactile with each other.

I find myself feeling relief when he goes to work and I've got a few hours to myself! I feel bad for feeling like this as I do love him and he's a wonderful partner who treats me brilliantly, but right now I can only tolerate him in small doses. I try not to let my annoyance show as he's not actually done anything wrong and it'd be unfair to him, but I'm sure he's picked up on my negative feelings.

I never found myself this annoyed with him before I got pregnant, and I certainly didn't dislike being touched before I got pregnant. Don't get me wrong, we still laugh and joke together and I cannot imagine my life without him, but right now I sometimes wish he was far away from me! It's not just him, I'm more angry and irritable in general, but because I live with the poor bugger he gets the brunt of my annoyance.

I feel so bad for him and feel like such a cow. sad

Please say this is just pregnancy hormones running rampant?

Didntcomeheretofuckspiders Tue 13-Mar-18 21:02:09

I was like this between weeks 6 and 14 I think! He was so supportive and helpful but I found him really irritating and was just a cold hearted bitch.

I actually like him again now though 😂 I even have a sex drive again! It does improve.

CobaltRose Tue 13-Mar-18 21:07:25

Thanks! grin It's good to know I'm not the only one. My sex drive has certainly taken a nosedive since I fell pregnant. Damn hormones....

FranticallyPeaceful Tue 13-Mar-18 21:51:24

Yes, happens every pregnancy.
OH is an amazing person, I find it difficult to find anything wrong with him at all.... aaaaaand then I’m pregnant, and everything he does annoys me. It’s getting better as I come to the end of my pregnancy but wow, it’s been rough for him... and my emotions. He can do no right in my eyes it would appear, everything he did annoyed me (still does sometimes but getting better), nothing he does is enough etc... but I know it disappears afterwards.
Probably the worst part of being pregnant! It’s bloody awful

ClareB83 Tue 13-Mar-18 22:06:31

Honestly hormones are ridiculous. I am a very independent person but in pregnancy I'm so clingy about DH. I have to make myself go to the supermarket without him as I know it's ridiculous to do everything together, but my hormones say otherwise.

I know it's not the same as yours but equally ridiculous.

twistedpink Tue 13-Mar-18 23:23:19

Hahaha this is so funny because I remember in the beginning of pregnancy I wanted to punch my partner in the face About 14 times a day (never did!) lol everything he did annoyed the hell out of me, when he ate, when I could hear him breathe, when he tried to cuddle me or hold my hand I wanted to run, at one point I really considered breaking up with him because he annoyed me so much. However it lasted about two months and now we are back to normal, he refers to that stage of pregnancy as "dickhead" stage... meaning me being the dickhead 😂 true though!
Hormones are weird!

FranticallyPeaceful Tue 13-Mar-18 23:29:13

@twistedpink honestly same lol. Although mine lasted longer. It’s lovely when you give birth and then a few weeks later you feel like you wake up again and look back over the last few months wondering how the heck they didn’t get stabbed and also thank god they realised it was hormones and don’t think you’re a crazy person

emelsie Wed 14-Mar-18 06:29:08

Yes happened with me too, when I was pregnant with my DD couldn't stand OH anywhere near me, we had a cot delivered and I was adamant I wanted to build it myself and when he tried to help I told him to get out of the house. I was a nightmare , I'm just over 4 weeks pregnant now and I can feel the same feelings slowly creeping back in , going to try my best to hide how I'm feeling to him but it's hard blush xx

LastNightsMakeUp Wed 14-Mar-18 06:38:38

Yes I feel the same. I OH cooked lunch yesterday and stewed the veg instead of roasting it... I was so unreasonably passively aggressively angry at him! 🤣 usually I’m very chill so it’s quite a change. I remember similar last time and it wore off after a few weeks

Markygirl1995 Wed 14-Mar-18 06:48:55

I'm like this but with my mum and I hate it but it happens within a second it's like someone takes over my body! Horrible hopefully it'll pass over!

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