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TartanDr3ams Tue 13-Mar-18 10:42:58

I know this has been asked before and ive done some googling and got mixed answers, but looking for experiences from people in the same situation as me.

Was on desogestral (multiple brands, cerazette, cerelle, fenella etc) for just under 10 years. 2nd month in my periods stopped completely and ive not had a bleed since except on 2 occasions very mild spotting. I know some people still have periods on this pill but i had none so kind of looking for answers from people who had none or few.

Stopped taking the pill in September to start TTC and still havent had a period. Ive had ovary scans and have "few none obstructive cysts" and multiple blood tests that suggest theres no obvious reason for no ovulation. Multiple professions just keep saying "you were on the pill for a long time, just wait it out". Im sick of waiting and desperate to be a mum! Ive compromised A LOT to wait for it being the right time for my DP and now feel like itll never happen.

So what im asking is how long for anyone with absent or few periods on desogestral for their periods to return, and ultimately conceive?

toxitears181 Wed 14-Mar-18 20:02:22

I took cerezette for a year and me and oh planned a baby for the end of the year. Came of cerezette in April and had a period within 3-4 months smile don't worry as it can make it worse I'm not pregnant with baby no 1 smile you can deffo conceive but I recommend getting your cycles on track first so you know your dates smile xx

toxitears181 Wed 14-Mar-18 20:02:44


Emma145 Wed 14-Mar-18 23:37:20

Hi I was on cerezette for 4 years no periods in that time. Came off it in May last year had first period end of June then didn't have another till end of August and then fell pregnant in September. I used the cheap OPK to check when I was ovulating too xx

charlottexox Thu 15-Mar-18 00:09:57

Hello, was on cerazette from Nov 2016 to May 2017 and only had a couple periods. Now 12 weeks pregnant with baby #2!

bibkas Thu 15-Mar-18 06:10:12

I was on cerazette for years and didn't have a period. I came off the pill on new years day, I didn't have any periods but the doctor said dont let that hold you back TTC. So we started in early February and it must have happened straight away as we got a BFP at the end of February. I appreciate we are extremely lucky but I just wanted you to know it can happen without periods and having being on cerazette for so long.

TartanDr3ams Fri 16-Mar-18 14:29:12

Thanks everyonr for the comments!i wont give up hope yet then!!!

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