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Advice and help please

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ugogirl Mon 12-Mar-18 21:45:41

Hi, totally new to mumsnet and don’t know all the lingo yet but need some help! My period is 10 days late - 3 negative tests. My periods weren’t always regular but for the past year they have been (30 day cycle). Last month I was five days late but I’m still worried. I’ve been feeling pretty down lately and stressed, and I’ve also been feeling really nauseous and have been having stomach cramps. I know I won’t be certain until a test is positive or my period comes but can anyone offer any advice? Thankssmile

PeapodBurgundy Mon 12-Mar-18 22:59:55

Perhaps visit your GP for blood tests? If you're stressed, that can affect your cycle. They would be able to test for pregnancy, as well as some other possible causes 🌹

ugogirl Tue 13-Mar-18 08:46:41

I went to a family planning clinic and they wouldn’t give me a blood test - just said to wait it out and try another pregnancy testsad

PeapodBurgundy Tue 13-Mar-18 08:55:46

Family planning would only be concerned with a pregnancy, GP will test for overall health though

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