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Maternity bra for 3rd trimester (not nursing)

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Laurel543 Mon 12-Mar-18 13:42:55

Apologies if this subject has been done to death but I can't find any recent threads in Search.

I am 31 weeks pregnant and need a new bra. I have already increased from 32F to 34G and have been living in a brilliant Freya sports bra (I have 2 exactly the same). They are really supportive and give a great shape but the band at the bottom is quite wide and sadly this digs in to the top of my belly and is beginning to aggravate 3rd trimester heartburn and breathlessness.

I want to buy another bra that will see me through at least the next couple of months until birth. Am then planning to buy a couple of nursing bras when I know exactly how massive my boobs are going to get confused

Does anyone have any recommendations for comfy, soft-ish bras that have good coverage and are supportive but can cope with a little bit of growth? If at all possible, I'd really prefer to avoid crop top style bras that give you a monoboob.

Brownbear84 Mon 12-Mar-18 19:41:51

Marks and Spencer's I'm a 34G best maternity bra I wear mine all the time xx

couldnteatawholeone Tue 13-Mar-18 06:51:46

My local mother care has a sale on and they were £5 per pair. So I grabbed a few pairs in different sizes and figured I can always sell/pass on what I don't end up using

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