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On Cerelle Mini Pill but could i be pregnant?

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Whisper12345 Mon 12-Mar-18 09:34:14

Hi all, first time posting on this site as dont feel comfortable posting on the facebook groups i usually do about things because i know too many people on the pages. But before i begin i would like to state that i WILL be buying a pregnancy test to either let me know or put my mind at ease.

Basically been on Cerelle since i had my dd 7 months ago, just before christmas i had forgotten to take the pill for a few days, ended up having a drink with the OH when we had a babysitter to wrap presents to get it done peacefully during this time, ended up having some fun afterwards and haven't thought about it again until the past few days.

Lately been having small stomach cramps like before, sore and heavy feeling boobs, had one tiny little dot of leakage and really itchy nipples, i had bad spd when i was pregnant with DD and spent most of it on crutches and advised to rest as much as possible, was fine after my body started going back to normal though but lately its slowly been getting pains so bad in my back and hips im in tears, been to docs and got told i had non specific back pain and prescribbed naproxen which dont touch it :/

what motivated me to test last time around was the fact after about 2 drinks ( alcohol) i would end up being sick and bringing everything back up, thats began again and to top it all off my daughter whos prominently a daddys girl wont leave my side and constantly wants to be on my hip where ever i go, i had a sickness bug a few weeks ago and have 100% recovered but am now also randomly being sick for no reason.

just looking for some advice tbh and also if anyone has any experience with pregnancy symptoms and being on Cerelle the mini pill

Thank you in advance!, hope i manage to get a reply on this website since posted on another and sadly got no responses :/ bear

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Bluebirdsky Mon 12-Mar-18 10:07:39

There is only one way to know the answer to this I am afraid, take a test.

Whisper12345 Mon 12-Mar-18 10:29:16

Yeah Bluebirdsky, i will definitely be doing a test to either find out and get myself registered again with a midwife or to give myself peace of mind and be able to sleep good again ( well as good as you can sleep with a teething 7 month old haha) was wondering if any ladies had also had the same sort of experience while taking cerelle aswell smile

worried about my OH's response to even saying i think i might be, he's dead set against any more children, dont have many friends that would genuinely keep the secret to themselves and just needed to voice my question somewhere smile

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Sidge Mon 12-Mar-18 10:29:34

Well yeah, if you missed a few pills and had sex then you could well be pregnant.

There's a reason you have to take it every day!!

Whisper12345 Mon 12-Mar-18 10:47:45

Well yeah obviously i'm aware of that, i didn't purposely not take them it was a stressful time, dd was ill, christmas was coming and nothing was wrapped, had all sorts of family moaning and putting there foot in, i barely remembered to eat something every day due to the stress so its understandable if taking a tablet popped out of my head even if it was part of my daily routine because that was all out of whack with everything going on, my main focus was trying to keep my dd in the routine she had going.

The main thing is about the fact that most people don't bleed at all while on Cerelle and that specific tablet has in the past gave people pregnancy symptoms so i was asking for others experience with the symptoms while on the pill with no regular or irregular bleed at all and advice, not to be told something that simple that everybody should know well enough and if they dont then they shouldnt use the tablets.

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Sidge Mon 12-Mar-18 12:03:52

Well you asked if you might be pregnant - your symptoms on Cerelle are largely irrelevant if you've missed a few and could be pregnant. I'm not criticising you at all, and never suggested you purposely didn't take them. I was just replying to your main thread question.

About 70% of women on Cerelle don't bleed at all, and the symptoms you have (sore boobs, vomiting, cramping) are much more likely to be due to pregnancy than the POP.

Do a test as soon as you can then you'll know one way or another smile

Whisper12345 Mon 12-Mar-18 12:39:53

thanks i will be for sure smile

sorry for snapping a little, just quite stressed out at the moment and my brains just a fog just now lo is teething again and has a few teeth coming in at once so sleep deprived as well. I know i can get bitchy for no reason my poor OH gets it all the time for such stupid things :/

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dementedpixie Mon 12-Mar-18 15:02:17

When you missed a few did you have sex in those few days? If you missed some but then resumed taking them for 2 days before having sex then it is less likely for you to be pregnant

Bluebirdsky Mon 12-Mar-18 16:45:31

OP I really think you just need to take a test. You're stressing yourself out more with all of the wondering.

angel0071987 Wed 29-Jul-20 12:33:59

@Whisper12345 did you take a test? Wondering as in same sort of situation as you although purposely stopped taking after last sex as already had inclining I felt pregnant although cheapy tests came back negative. But after discussing we are not object to a third with what'll be a 19mobth is gap.

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