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Non terrifying SPD stories?

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meow1989 Tue 06-Mar-18 15:59:55

Hi all, am 24 weeks with first bub and midwife says I have SPD. I've been having pains for a few weeks but hadn't realised these weren't expected at this stage of pregnancy blush

I'm not in complete agony but pain is definitely there/has increased over a few weeks and is making me waddle a bit at times. I've self referred to physio in midwife advice

All you seem to read online is horror stories about needing wheelchairs or crutches!

Please can you tell me that some of you were fine and could keep working as planned and have a vaginal birth? And that it goes away!

fuzzywuzzy Tue 06-Mar-18 16:04:15

I had SPD from really early on in pregnancy.

I had physio for it too (the earlier the better), I was prescribed a support belt which really helped & also physio had to re-teach me to walk as I wasn’t walking properly due to the pain.
At work they got me a balance ball chair which also really helped. The SPD was manageable and with the belt and not sitting for prolonged periods I managed. Was only having the baby that completely sorted the pain.

TheCatsMother44 Tue 06-Mar-18 16:04:22

I've had SPD from about the point you've got it and some days it's been terrible (I'm 40 weeks now) but because I was told what it was and so what I should and shouldn't do or what I can do to help it it's been mostly manageable.

Yes, some people end up with crutches but they should be a last resort and are only for people who really can't get around without them. My physio said that if you rely on crutches when you don't really need them then you're not helping yourself as the best thing to do is to strengthen your core (which crutches definitely dont).

nailsathome Tue 06-Mar-18 16:06:19

I had lovely vaginal births despite severe spd and it went within a few days of giving birth.

mintich Tue 06-Mar-18 16:06:29

I had it! It was painful but no crutches or wheelchairs here. I had a forceps birth but for different reasons. But my pelvis felt great as soon as the baby was vagina not so much!

mintich Tue 06-Mar-18 16:06:58

Oh I did have to stop work at 32 weeks though

lucy101101 Tue 06-Mar-18 16:07:01

I had it in each pregnancy and for some time after each birth... unfortunately for about 3 years after the last one... but I don't think that was the actual SPD I think that was the recovery from the SPD. I did breastfeed for two years with the last one and that was a mistake (in my opinion) as that meant it took my body longer to recover and for me the pain didn't start to go away until I stopped BFing. I had a ELCS with the last one too (vaginal with first two) and that didn't seem to help!

However, with some physio, keeping weight down and being very careful I seem to be ok again... riding my bike... doing pilates... swimming etc.

I would be taking very good care of yourself right now so you don't cause any further issues.

FranticallyPeaceful Tue 06-Mar-18 16:08:07

Had it last pregnancy, it hurt a lot but life went on. It disappeared straight after I gave birth.

Have it this time from much earlier, can’t remember exactly but about 15 weeks i think. It’s bad but not bad enough for crutches or anything.

You just need to take it easy because you’ll find that pushing yourself will up your pain and it usually stays at the upped pain level from then on (until birth), so just... go easy

MrsWildermac Tue 06-Mar-18 16:10:07

I had severe SPD but worked until 36 weeks with some small modifications (not sitting for too long or lifting anything heavy). Couldn’t walk far at all but still managed to have a vaginal birth. You can get special sheets for in bed to help you roll over - I didn’t know about them when I was pg but would have made a massive difference.

WorkingBling Tue 06-Mar-18 16:15:09

the key is management. Seeking help early. I saw a chiropractor which made a huge difference and with DC2 I started weekly appointments the day I found out I was pregnant to help manage it. The belts are very good too - even though they're a pain to wear.

Also, this one most people don't seem to know, you need to realise that some of the pain is from inflammation because of the way you have to walk or move. So ice on the very lowest part of your back can really help.

BothersomeCrow Tue 06-Mar-18 16:19:32

Had bad SPD from much earlier. On the plus side births were easy (if long and tiring), and mostly the SPD vanished within a week of birth.
Just that it took some months to build up all my walking muscles which had wasted over 6 months of not being used, so I was ordered to walk 30 min a day, 5 or 6 days a week, initially very slowly. Got to know local shops well as I came in every day to sit down!

If you can sign up for a post-natal physio class, usually at the hospital, do it.

meow1989 Tue 06-Mar-18 16:57:28

Ah thanks ladies, I knew it couldn't all be doom and gloom forever! I'm quite small framed and have popped early so wonder if this means muscles are having a bit of a protest. Am trying to sleep on side with pillow between knees and have some time this week for relaxation.

Should I sit with my legs up on stool/coffee table or try to keep them on floor? Will try to remember pfe too. So hard to sit back and slow down when all I want to do is clean and decorate for little ones arrival! But I know in the long run I'll thank myself for it.

YerAuntFanny Tue 06-Mar-18 18:41:39

I had it in both pregnancies, from about 20 and 16 weeks respectively.

It was painful, I saw midwife and physio who taught me gentle movements (never cross your legs and try to make sure your legs are never more than a hips width apart), gave me a giant tubi-grip that went from mid thigh to boobs to be folded up around bump and a stiff support belt that velcro'd under my bump which all helped along with a crutch to use if I felt I needed it but I never did!

I worked until 35 weeks when I was signed off but that was due to persistent nausea and vomitting and I did work in a nursery so it was hard going but manageable until that point.

Both mine were born by section (DS was an emergency, DD was elective due to position) although not related to SPD.

windchimesabotage Tue 06-Mar-18 18:44:13

I had it and I was in a bit of pain for the last bit of my pregnancy but never needed a wheelchair or crutches no!! I did struggle to get to the shop at the end of my road after about 35 weeks but I could still just about do it.
Was completely fine again in terms of hip and leg pain around a month after giving birth.
So far in this pregnancy I have not had it... only 24 weeks tho atm

windchimesabotage Tue 06-Mar-18 18:45:02

oh and yes I had a vaginal birth did not seem to cause any probs during the actual birth... I did have an epidural tho so maybe that was why!!

YerAuntFanny Tue 06-Mar-18 18:46:11

Oh and I was up and about, back to normal within a week of both births, it's bizarre how it just disappears in most cases!

mum2bemay22 Wed 07-Mar-18 16:20:26

I got diagnosed with SPD around 21 weeks pregnant, doctor wouldn’t refer me to physio as he said my baby would be born by the time I got seen by them so I just carried on and got some heat belts from boots which were amazing at night in bed (that’s when I found it was at it’s most painful). I did end up being signed off until my mat leave started in the end with it as my commute to work was making it really bad but on the plus side, it meant I started relaxing and the pain has more or less gone unless I do something really straining!! Good luck, it’s not easy but all for a good cause ☺️

fuzzywuzzy Wed 07-Mar-18 20:05:30

I had a vagia birth, fairly short labour (five hours) and went on mat leave at 38 weeks. Altho I was working from home three days a week for the final month at work as sitting for prolonged periods hurt.
My physio recommended elevating the knees whilst sitting which also helped.

velouria Wed 07-Mar-18 20:14:04

I had it with second child, was working in a hospital at the time, on my feet for 13 hour shifts. It improved greatly when I went on maternity leave and disappeared pretty much after birth.

FruitCider Wed 07-Mar-18 20:15:48

I had SPD and ended up on crutches...

However I had a normal vaginal delivery and was mobilising without crutches 90 minutes after giving birth x

INeedNewShoes Wed 07-Mar-18 20:17:44

My 'SPD' that saw me unable to walk down stairs or pick things up from the floor turned out to be a knot of muscle in my backside which was easily identified and treated by a physio. I wanted to kiss her!

Loosemoose28 Wed 07-Mar-18 22:58:25

Definately if you can see a physio or chiropractor. My SPD has got so much better since the chiropractor sorted out the real problem in my back. I am no where near able to go for a hike but can walk round town/ supermarket without too much pain.

SciFiRocker Tue 13-Mar-18 13:02:15

It gets better after the baby is born. I was in a wheelchair and crutches but a few weeks after baby arrived I was fine!

It's temporary pain, that's the best thing to remember.

I'm starting to get it again this time around and instead of mid second trimester, I'm only 5 weeks! 😱

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