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Pregnancy after MC Part 6 - supporting each other through the highs and lows

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Daisybump Fri 04-May-07 09:35:56

I thought that this one sounded really good!

Glimmer Fri 04-May-07 09:37:56

Godd morning everybody.

Daisybump Fri 04-May-07 09:40:36

Just realised it isn't quite the same words as someone suggested, but the message is the same I hope.

Hope no-one watched the Panorama programme last night. I'm glad I missed it from what I've been hearing on here this morning.

Hope everyone has a good weekend....and try to keep up the positive mental attitude

hotchoc Fri 04-May-07 09:51:24

morning all,
not posted much recently, feeling tired but fine apart from the odd wobbly about 'will everything be ok?', i've got another week and 3 days until the scan, waiting is the pits isn't it.

great to hear so many happy scan stories, they are really encouraging.

how is your mum mumpbump?


firststar Fri 04-May-07 10:02:09

Message withdrawn

Mumpbump Fri 04-May-07 10:30:38


Hotchoc - my mum is still feeling fine, in fact I would say she is a little hyper/manic which I guess is the stress of it all!!

Purple princess - good luck with the scan today!

Daisybump - I similarly avoided the Panorama programme last night. Didn't sound like what I needed to hear at this point in time...

Firststar - thanks for the mantra - I think that's a really good one to keep in mind and it certainly helped me through the "early days" - can't believe I'm 18 weeks or so already!! The last 6 weeks seem to have flown...

Can't remember all the posts on the other thread so sorry for not posting individual responses, but hello to everyone else...

Got home last night all psyched up to tell the au pair I really thought she had to go soonest and ds was all cuddled up to her. My mushy motherly part came to the fore and I thought ds is very fond of her and that is all that matters. So have decided to let it all go and I'm sure after a weekend away, things will be back to normal. She clearly knows we're p*ssed off with her as the kitchen was spotless when I got home last night!!!

mrshopeful Fri 04-May-07 10:41:54

hello, can I join? I got my BFP yesterday, EDD second week in Jan. Had MC last Xmas after about 5 weeks so this is second attempt to try for first nipper. Am nervous and scared but also so happy to be PG again!
Can I just ask - last time I had an implantation bleed but this time I didn't - is this anything to worry about? I have all the other symptoms: crushing tiredness, aches and crampiness, sore boobs...

firststar Fri 04-May-07 10:53:44

Message withdrawn

Furrymummy Fri 04-May-07 11:13:05

Thanks for all your good wishes everyone - I do think nasty migraine is a good sign
Have discovered Quorn Brussels Style Pat am currentl obsessing over it - I might have to nip out to Asda and buy some with some crack bread and eat it at my desk.
I tend to feel sick in the mornings, but I've been having toast and cheese spread with some warm milk which helps. I do find I get hungry at bedtime too how odd!
What Panorama doc?
Mumpbump, good news about your mum, been thinking of her,
Mrshopefel - welcome fellow knicker watcher! Hope everything goes well for you this time,

Furrymummy Fri 04-May-07 11:14:09

Pat = pate

Furrymummy Fri 04-May-07 11:14:50

Oh ffs what is wrong with me.
No i'm not a druggie I meant crackerbread!

Mumpbump Fri 04-May-07 12:03:07

And "currently", I suspect...

Congratulations, Mrshopeful - can't believe there are people expecting in January already... Just shows how the time flies once you get past the high risk period! Fingers crossed that you have a boring and uneventful pg this time around...

Firststar - my mum is a real fighter. She still runs (only for about 50m at a time, admittedly) and walks/swims regularly at the age of 71 so I think she's got a better chance than most of not being laid out by the treatment. Fingers crossed.

So, we all know I'm off for my swanky black tie dinner this weekend - Anyone else up to anything?

firststar Fri 04-May-07 12:08:15

Message withdrawn

Woooozle100 Fri 04-May-07 12:12:55

crack bread - arf! Thing was, when I read yr first message Furry I didn't notice any of the typos and read it as intended!

Glad to hear positive stuff about yr mom, Mumpbump. And happy things have calmed down with au pair.

Glad I missed the panorama programme as well (actually didn't know it was on but promise I won't snoop for it on replay)

*waves at Mrshopeful* helloooo. Wishing you all the best for this pg. Agree with firststar re no significance of implantation bleed or not - different pgs and all that - lost track of how many different mws have said that to me.

Not too long now till yr scan hotchoc. All the best purple for yours x

firststar Fri 04-May-07 12:19:51

Message withdrawn

Mumpbump Fri 04-May-07 12:26:55

Furrymummy - I had a business lunch yesterday and had a delicious starter of wild mushrooms and greens. I can't get it out of my head and would love to go back to the very swanky restaurant for some more, but at £8.50 a pop, it's a bit expensive to get a craving for!! Quorn pate sounds much more reasonable...

PurpleLostPrincess Fri 04-May-07 12:47:22

Lovely name for the thread! (I missed all the drama of thread names by the sounds of it!)

Just to give some encouragement to everybody, we had the scan this morning and all is well. Looks like we're having a girl which is lovely! . To be honest, we're just pleased to have heard and seen the heartbeat and to know that everything is going well - I can't believe how tense I was but I guess that's to be expected!

Gotta dash - my best friend is making me lunch as we speak so I'd better get over there to show her the pics!

Love to all and I'll come back later to catch up properly...

PLP xoxoxoxoxo

Daisybump Fri 04-May-07 13:05:50

Hi MrsHopeful...and welcome. I hope we can help you through these first few weeks

Purple....great news. I think I'm having a pink one too, but I've been warned that its usually girls that they get wrong, as those dangly bits can be hiding! always had a feeling this would be a girl, and have actually been buying pink and lilac cute things....maybe DH is going to have a mad dash around the shops replacing things with blue...not long now till I find out!

Woooozle100 Fri 04-May-07 13:25:42

great news purple!

firststar Fri 04-May-07 13:37:55

Message withdrawn

Nanoon Fri 04-May-07 13:57:57

Hi all,

I have been reading your posts for a couple of weeks now and if its ok with everyone i'll dip in and out every now and then - time permitting . Here is a bit about me. I have a ds who is 2.7 and am currently 8 wks preg. I have a missed m/c (detected at nuchal scan) at the end of January so whilst I am trying to stay positive i am also quite scared! A scan seems a long way off and its scary to think that something may go wrong again and I don't think i could bear the disappointment and pain all over again having thought i was pregnant all that time iykwim.

Anyway good luck to one and all.

firststar Fri 04-May-07 14:01:35

Message withdrawn

Mumpbump Fri 04-May-07 14:11:44

Excellent news, Princess.

Congratulations to you, Nanoon. I agree with Firststar that if you can get an early scan, it is hugely reassuring although it is still no guarantee of a trouble-free pg.

Daisybump - I thought the June antenatal thread title was funny myself, but I guess some people are more robust than others...

Nanoon Fri 04-May-07 14:19:54

no i'm not entitled to an ealry scan beceause of the mc but a mw did say to kick off even if i had the slightest bit of beleeding. I did think about having a private scan but i know that would only reasure me for one day aaauuugggghhhh.

Mumpbump Fri 04-May-07 14:25:57

It sounds as though you have a supportive m/w. Your local EPU will usually also give you a scan if you have severe abdominal pain/cramping. But you do get twinges as everything stretches anyway.

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