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Pregnancy test result. I need bringing down.

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Rockerfeller Mon 26-Feb-18 01:15:05

I had chemo in 2016 and we had fertility treatment before I had chemo. We were told I'll never conceive without my embryos in the freezer. I don't have regular periods.

My last period was on Christmas Day. Nothing after that. I've not felt right for weeks and I decided to do a test..

I need eyes- and I need to know what to do next!!

Sorry if this upsets anyone- I don't know what to do, my husband is asleep and I need to know if this is real

snoopfroggyfrog Mon 26-Feb-18 01:18:53

I see it. Wow! I really hope it works out for you!!!!

I would test with other brands (eg clear blue digital) tomorrow just to check its not a dodgy test. I have had 2 chemical pregnancies (ie picked up a pregnancy on the test but didn't go any further than 4.5 weeks) that showed on those tests but not on other brands. Got a straight "not pregnant" on the digital.

Crossing my fingers for you!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 26-Feb-18 01:20:42

I can see a very faint line. I can imagine you're feeling a mixture of euphoria and shock. Miracles do happen.

Rockerfeller Mon 26-Feb-18 01:21:05

Thank you smile I just want it to be ok. Going to call the drs tomorrow and ask for some bloods done. I need to know when I conceived really because I have no clue!

Awwlookatmybabyspider Mon 26-Feb-18 01:21:34

Yes clear blue literally spells it out for you.

aurynne Mon 26-Feb-18 01:24:41

You don't need bringing down. You need a midwife grin

Strawberry2017 Mon 26-Feb-18 01:27:28

It might be too early for digital, when I had a line that faint and tried a digital it took another week before a digital one came back as pregnant. So don't worry if it didn't pick it up, they aren't always as sensitive.
Make sure you do it with the first wee of the morning too.
I took the clear blue one with the plus sign as I figured you couldn't miss a plus sign and that worked.
I can see the line though so I would guess it's positive!
Congratulations smile

Rockerfeller Mon 26-Feb-18 01:30:44

This wasn't done with the first pee of the day- does that make a difference? I'm sorry for the stupid questions, I've never researched or even thought about anything like this before.

The fertility treatment was awful and I blocked it all out!

I found the test at the back of the cupboard it's only just in date. But I'm going to buy a few more tomorrow!!

Snowysky20009 Mon 26-Feb-18 01:34:37

Eeeeek! Def a line there!!!!!!

IsThisMeToo Mon 26-Feb-18 01:49:13

This wasn't done with the first pee of the day- does that make a difference?

Yes. Try again in a few days, first pee upon waking up. smile You're most probably pregnant!

dontquit Mon 26-Feb-18 01:51:59

The first response are the best for picking up early pregnancy. Apparently with pink dye in them you won't mistake evaporation line for pregnancy line. Just check result within time frame it says on the box. There is no way to get a second line without there being hcg hormone in the urine and hcg is only ever present when you are pregnant. I got positive with a first response test exactly a week ago. They got stronger each day. I tried clear blue digital one of the evenings and came up not pregnant but used a second one the nxt morning and said 1-2 weeks pregnant. Some cheaper tests I have are only just starting to show a second line in the last day or 2. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow. So happy for you and hope all works out. Blood test is a good idea to confirm pregnancy. If they repeat test 48hrs later and the result has doubled that's a good sign that pregnancy is advancing as normal. The levels themselves don't always indicate a whole lot as it varies from person to person so unlikely they would be able to tell how far on you are. Early scan would be the best.
(Ps. When clear blue digital states 1-2 weeks that means 1-2 weeks since you conceived but would really be classed as 3-4 weeks pregnant in medical terms).

SnorkFavour Mon 26-Feb-18 01:57:24

Aww looks like congratulations to me!

I don' think the morning wee is a thing any more with modern tests, but I can definitely see a faint line. That coupled with the no period for 2 months looks very hopeful!

Would you please update us? smile

SnorkFavour Mon 26-Feb-18 01:58:45

Also, dontquit is correct about the HCG. A false negative is much more common, a false positive is very rare.

Worieddd Mon 26-Feb-18 02:00:26

Definetly a positive!
Hope it all works out smile

Rockerfeller Mon 26-Feb-18 02:04:32

Going to do one in the morning but I will definitely be here to update!

OldMummy75 Mon 26-Feb-18 02:09:22

This is the brand that was recommended to me by my miscarriage specialist to reliably detect early pregnancies (I had many chemical pregnancies and needed treatment as soon as found pregnant). Try again in the morning with first pee. You can even try again 2 days later with first pee. While there is no way to quantify it precisely to see if it's doubling, you should see it getting darker. As others mentioned it can take a week before less sensitive tests turn positive.

Although it is very early stage and nothing is for sure just yet (many pregnancy loss occur at this stage unfortunately), my three years old DD looked exactly like that four years ago... ;)

retainertrainer Mon 26-Feb-18 07:03:46

Good luck with the next test. I can definitely see a line on that first one!

loopylove Mon 26-Feb-18 07:19:03

I can see a line for sure! Keeping all fingers and toes crossed that this is the wonderful news it looks like!

FogCutter Mon 26-Feb-18 07:23:00

That's definitely a line, got all my fingers crossed for you and your test today!

blueskyinmarch Mon 26-Feb-18 07:26:01

I can see a line! Good luck OP.

IJustLostTheGame Mon 26-Feb-18 07:29:02

Congratulations OP.
I really hope it all goes smoothly for you

MaisyPops Mon 26-Feb-18 07:29:49

I can also see a line.
Looks like congratulations OP!!!

littletykeboy Mon 26-Feb-18 07:31:00

Shamelessly place marking for this mornings test! Good luck smile

charliejr Mon 26-Feb-18 07:34:06

I can definitely see a line! Can't wait to see this mornings result - good luck/congratulations! smile

RandomMess Mon 26-Feb-18 07:38:38

All the best!

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