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Bladder problems- at my wits end

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Starlive22 Thu 22-Feb-18 12:04:14

I'm so sorry this is going to be a long post...

Have had on and off UTI for many years. Was put on preventative course of nitrofurantion 100mg once per day until I got pregnant. Was advised to stop taking for the first 12 weeks.

Fast forward 12 weeks went into acute urinary retention. Was drained (3.5l!!!) and catheterised for 5 weeks. After that, no problems going to the toilet by myself so carried on with pregnancy.

fast forward now to 35 weeks and during a routine scan for polyhydramnios it was picked up that my bladder was distended and retaining urine once again (although I could still go pain free to the toilet at this point, just not emptying completely). Well this time the bag didn't agree with me at all. Had a lot of bladder spasms, contractions and bleeding and it was agreed to take catheter out as risk of infection was too high.

That was last week, this week I'm still having the bladder spasms, bleeding and weak urine flow. Burning and pain. Have had 4 urine tests and all came back as no infection, but I'm at my wits end here, I can't even leave the house as it's so painful and when my bladder spasms I wet myself 😔

Have been to labour triage and spoke to my consultant umpteen times and they just fob me off as it's not a pregnancy problem and keep saying it's something that needs to be addressed with a urologist...with whom I have an appointment in July!

Anyone have any experience? It's so painful and getting me down very badly

Starlive22 Thu 22-Feb-18 12:07:30

Sorry, also I'm doing a liquid diary with all I drink vs all I pee out. Aw bladder is very distended and baggy at this point I have to have an straight cath (in and out) every week to stop the volume getting too high.

Just wondered if anyone at all had ever had this. Drs are baffled, nothing online. I feel like a freak of nature.

Starlive22 Thu 22-Feb-18 14:27:16

Bump ☹️

Starlive22 Thu 22-Feb-18 19:42:04

Anyone? X

mineofuselessinformation Thu 22-Feb-18 20:05:06

I have no experience of chronic urine retention, but you had my immediate sympathy at 3.5l! I know how terrible it felt with 2l (not pregnant at the time, it was after a gynaecologist op, no other factors involved).
Do you have nerve damage? It may well be that you have some nerve damage that affects how your bladder feels (mine is sensitive, but I could have a very full bladder with no desperate urge).
I hope you find a solution.

annlee3817 Thu 22-Feb-18 20:17:03

Sorry that you're having problems, I had urinary retention twice, highest volume though was 1.5litres, had a catheter in for a week and it thankfully resolved. The consultants main concern was that it might have permanently stretched my bladder, so may be worth asking questions around that. I assume if stretched it will hold more which is why you didn't notice or feel any issues until they did the scan then catheter? This is all guess work. I was also told that when we pee in pregnancy the further along you get your bladder won't empty properly which is why some can get water infections, so was advised to stand up after a wee then sit down again to see if that helps shift the rest. Really hope you get it sorted. I had three uti's in the last six weeks, not nice at all flowers

Starlive22 Thu 22-Feb-18 21:09:03

Thanks both, think I was just having a rant! Definitely the bladder is stretched, but that's something they said they can look into more after baby is born. Just felt so sorry for myself this morning! Don't really want to have this pain for another 4-5 weeks, but suppose it's one of those things. As long as baby is fine I am happy, will just have to stop moaning.

Thanks both for sharing, bladder problems
Like this aren't really mentioned in pregnancy and as it's not a pregnancy related problem, and urology dept aren't seeing me until baby is born, it just leaves me in a bit of a weird grey area

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