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How active am i likely to be at 34 weeks?

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PirateWeasel Wed 21-Feb-18 15:28:12

DH and I have a long-standing UK holiday booked six weeks before my due date. We'd hoped to do lots of walking and exploring and sightseeing, but realistically how much am I likely to be able to do at 34 weeks? Should I modify my expectations and plan to spend most of the time sitting down eating nice food and relaxing?

Aprilshowerswontbelong Wed 21-Feb-18 15:30:34

I drove to Spain and returned 3 weeks before dd was born. Camping!!

iatethepies Wed 21-Feb-18 15:31:31

It's totally depends on the pregnancy. Dc 1 and 2 I was very active until birth. Dc 3 my feet ached after 5 minutes of standing/ walking from around 32 weeks. Best bet is just waiting until you get there and plan each day depending on how you feel.

Ubercornsdiscoball Wed 21-Feb-18 15:31:42

It totally depends. You won’t know until you get to that point probably. Many people are still very active at that point so don’t resign yourself to sitting doing nothing. The more active you are the better

Ubercornsdiscoball Wed 21-Feb-18 15:32:18

I’ll add I was camping 3 days before DS arrived.

Eeeeek2 Wed 21-Feb-18 15:40:39

My pelvis separated at 28 weeks I could waddle, did get better once I left work (on my feet all day job) at 32 weeks. At 36 weeks was hiking a gorge probably not the most sensible thing to do So I'd have an open mind plan one busy day followed by a quieter option? always know where the nearest toilet is

Don't forget to look up the local maternity hospital is/phone number just in case and take your notes with you.

sandgrown Wed 21-Feb-18 15:45:48

We used to have a hotel. I was working until.about 3 hours before DD( second child ) was born. I am sure all the activity made for a very easy birth. I did make time to rest though. Sure you will be fine but everybody is different .

Crocky Wed 21-Feb-18 15:45:53

It really is impossible for us to tell you. In both of my pregnancies I was happy to get out and walk but was much slower by then. A friend could manage a few steps with crutches.

Chocolatesaveslives Wed 21-Feb-18 15:57:40

Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different so you won't know till you personally get to that stage in your pregnancy, unfortunately no one here can give you an accurate answer.

flumpybear Wed 21-Feb-18 15:58:50

I'd go, but see how you feel as to what you plan on doing each day - enjoy smile

anotherchangetomyname Wed 21-Feb-18 16:04:01

I'd go, you can always take it easy if you don't feel up to it. I was very active at 34 weeks, but I did have some SPD pain.

Igottastartthinkingbee Wed 21-Feb-18 16:06:14

Its a bit like asking how long is a piece of string, sorry! As some have said you may be climbing mountains, running a hotel, camping, step aerobics classes etc etc or you could be crippled with SPD! Quite a spectrum! My personal experience was that I didn’t even get to 34 weeks! Baby born at 31 and the next 5 weeks were spent at hospital. So there you have it, anything can happen so be very flexible with your plans and expectations.

DioneTheDiabolist Wed 21-Feb-18 16:08:08

I was fine with DS1 at that stage. With DS1 I was on crutches and needed help on stairs. Every woman and every pregnancy is different.

Astrid2 Wed 21-Feb-18 16:12:58

I'm 34 weeks and still working as a nurse and managing housework etc. I do tend to get breathless and need regular sit downs tho. I would still go on your holiday, but don't plan to do huge long walks. Pottering around, regular coffee stops and good food sounds lovely at this stage. Enjoy it before baby comes and you can't do it for a wee while!

Upsidedownandinsideout Wed 21-Feb-18 16:18:51

Most people are pretty active still, it's better for you in any case, and great to get as much as you can done before the new baby arrives. The only real difference for me is that I would have needed more loo breaks!

It sounds like it's quite possible for you to have a back up plan if you do feel rubbish, and as youre in the UK you'll still have the NHS. Have you also done a bit of research to check out best local maternity units, just in case you do happen to need some more attention?

fitbitbore Wed 21-Feb-18 16:22:05

I'm 35 weeks I'm pretty mobile but if i walk too far then everything hurts as in back, pelvis, feet and I get really tired. Had a weekend away 2 weeks ago it was nice and I walked lots but I regretted it in the nights.

mamahanji Wed 21-Feb-18 16:22:11

I was on bed rest from 34 weeks with my second until 38 weeks when I started waddling around again.

First pregnancy I had severe hip pain as I have osteomalacia and couldn't do more than an hours walk. Although sitting and lying down was arguably worse pain.

ElenaBothari Wed 21-Feb-18 16:27:13

Does vary a lot. I was in bed rest by then and could barely walk.

Best to take each day as it comes and see how much you feel like doing,

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