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40 weeks and 3 I being over sensitive?

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Nayynayy Wed 21-Feb-18 11:54:50

Feel so annoyed at my mum.
My partner is working 2 hours from home this week so she knows I'll be calling her if I need her. I called yesterday at 2.30pm (was only for a chat) and got no answer, she didn't return my call till 10 this morning! I said it's a good job I don't need you, to which she laughed and said she forgot to call back and knew I would call again if I needed her. Turns out she was out for a meal with her partner and my sister and her phone was on silent?!
Am I being hormonal to be really annoyed at this? I don't understand how she forgot and feel really annoyed she wasn't even thinking she should call to check I'm okay.
Makes me feel worried if I need her now she's not very reliable... or am I being over sensitive? I wouldn't mind if my partner wasn't so far from home but it's my first baby and I'm scared I'll have nobody here if anything happens

ClareB83 Wed 21-Feb-18 12:00:51

That is a bit rude.

But if you really needed her would you have text and/called again and she knew that?

troodiedoo Wed 21-Feb-18 12:03:56

She's being a bit casual.

I assume there is a very good reason for your partner being 2 hours away? That's more U imo.

troodiedoo Wed 21-Feb-18 12:05:23

Phone on silent though? Not on. This is a rare occasion it's ok to have phone on table.

Nayynayy Wed 21-Feb-18 12:13:08

Yes I would of called again, just upset me a bit she saw the call and that was her mentality. I know if someone was relying on me I would call as soon as I noticed I'd missed their call.
Partner has to work there this week. I know he'll drop everything if things start happening but can't take the week off as I could be another week or so yet.
I told her I'll call her back earlier but feel i'll snap so still haven't.. I know I am very hormonal I just feel if it was the other way round I'd of called back and my phone would definitely not be on silent

InappropriateUsername Wed 21-Feb-18 13:06:17

I would be upset by this and when I went into labour last time at 10am my Mum took three hours to get on the road as electrician was coming (my dad was at home!) and my husband took two hours because he stopped to take my son out of a full crèche's not as if I had a previous section and needed to get to hospital (an hours drive) quick smart 🤨 This time I am just relying on emergency services if my DH/Mum do the same and I need urgent attention...I think you are right to be miffed and I'd try to have another backup plan if you can

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