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All the aversions!

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TooMuchGreys Mon 19-Feb-18 04:17:36

I’m approaching week 10 of pregnancy with my second child and morning sickness this time is so much worse. I cannot stand any smell, even thinking about a smell is enough to make me start heaving. In fact, I’m heaving right now writing this post just because I’m talking about smell!

My nausea is definitely worse on an empty stomach but I really can’t bring myself to eat much. Sugar seems to help settle me a little bit so I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and drinking far more fizzy drinks than I usually do (I’m usually just a water person). Cereal is a staple at the moment too.

I’m wary that my diet needs to be better though sad I have zero energy and a 4 year old to look after. I know we are all different but does anyone have any recommendations of things that helped you calm the nausea and didn’t make you chunder from the smell. It’s annoying because I can’t even stand the thought of even bland things like crackers, biscuits or bread.

With my first pregnancy I felt so much better after the first trimester so I’m really hoping it all goes away soon.

ClareB83 Mon 19-Feb-18 06:51:25

You'll probably feel better in a couple of weeks so I would just eat what you can manage, take your vitamins and get healthy when the nausea passes. Baby will still be getting everything they need.

Scoobysue10 Mon 19-Feb-18 06:55:18

I am 12wks +2 this is number 3 for me.
My sickness was worse with number 2 but I could still eat. This one sickness even worse am on antisickness tablets now and they doing the trick.
I also found in was worse when hungry. But also didn't fancy eating anything and again I would heave at the thought of eating. I was having to force myself to eat it was horubble.
I have found these have worked.
Ginger biscuits, fizzy drinks. Mints, plain crackers, crisps, croissants.
My diet has also not been good and didn't take my vitamins due to the nausea and sickness.
I also am normally a water drinker but have been drinking alot of fizzy that I don't normally drink.
I am hoping to cut my tablets down next wk and hope that the sickness has gone.
Hope yours goes soon too.

KatnissK Mon 19-Feb-18 06:59:44

I had this! I found smells of perfume/body spray (as long as they were nothing like food) were fine, so I sprayed a scarf with tons of the stuff and wrapped it round my face when out so I wasn't taken unawares by the smell of food! I did drink a lot of fizzy drinks as it was the only thing that helped really. I had aversions to pretty much everything except plain bread so can't help you with a healthy did ease around 20 weeks though although some aversions lasted the whole pregnancy.

TooMuchGreys Mon 19-Feb-18 23:13:59

Thanks guys, it really is so strange that the sickness feels worse with an empty stomach. You’d think it would be the opposite too. Usually things don’t taste half as bad as they smell, it’s just getting over that barrier. My doctor recommended just walking around the supermarket by myself and picking up anything that called to me. Trouble is even the smell of the store is enough to have me retching. Heck the smell of the car’s bloody ridiculous.

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