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Think this may finally be my bfp at 16 days late

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Jaedee93 Sat 17-Feb-18 17:07:01

I had a very faint line at 3 days before period was due then negatives up until I had faint line at 8days late which all came up in the time line.. 16 days late with second wee today with in the 2 minutes?please tell me this is a bfp and I’m not seeing things! I’m so unsure because of all the negatives in between 🤔

Jaedee93 Sat 17-Feb-18 17:07:35

Sorry here’s pic of today’s test

Jaedee93 Sat 17-Feb-18 17:08:13

Here’s pic of test at 8 days late?

RLOU88 Sat 17-Feb-18 17:12:19

Hi firstly I think congrats may be in order. I would deffo buy a red dye test to confirm however as I got tons of faint lines on clear blue before I finally got my BFP two months later. A digital should pick it up now at 16day. Good luck x

Hotpinkangel19 Sat 17-Feb-18 19:56:25

Please don't take those tests, they are horrible, you need a pink dye such as a FRER. The clear blue ones nearly always show a line like that, they should be recalled.

Jaedee93 Sat 17-Feb-18 20:01:46

Really I took a clear blue 2 days ago at 14 days late and it was 100 percent negative no line at all xx

Hotpinkangel19 Sat 17-Feb-18 20:08:03

They are horrible, I'm not trying to be nasty, I really hope you are, I just would check with a different test to make sure. Good luck x

awankstainonhumanity Sat 17-Feb-18 20:13:28

Get a pink dye one. First response or superdrugs own. Clear blue are awful for false positives.

Jaedee93 Sat 17-Feb-18 20:13:52

No it’s fine honestly I’ve had pregnancy’s in the past and have had similar thing on these tests but sadly mc them! Can I ask your opinion on these pic below negative was 2 days ago at 14 days late and the other is the one from today?

AmyJessicax26 Sat 17-Feb-18 20:47:08

I’d say pregnant ! These tests confirmed both of my pregnancies ! X

Jaedee93 Mon 19-Feb-18 01:42:19

How late were you when you find out if you don’t mind me askinh? I haven’t managed to get round to getting one today so hopefully I will tomorrow. It’s sll confusing cause of the few positive and the negatives but the lines gettting darker each time xx

Thisimmortalcurl Mon 19-Feb-18 01:45:28

Looks positive to me.

TickTock10 Mon 19-Feb-18 02:01:04

Looks positive to me! IMO a line is a line.

Jaedee93 Mon 19-Feb-18 02:11:58

Gonna be so confused if it comes back negative after this 🤔 I thought a line was a line to but someone mentioned an evap line but I don’t know what that’s meant to look like xx

Greensleeves Mon 19-Feb-18 02:13:52

The bottom one in your picture is a definite positive imo.

Jaedee93 Mon 19-Feb-18 02:19:02

Sorry I’m still learning lingo what does imo mean x

LampHat Mon 19-Feb-18 02:38:11

Totally positive. Congrats!

An evap line is just where a bit of a line appears as the test dries. But they’re normally grey or really thin. That is def not an evap smile

Jaedee93 Mon 19-Feb-18 02:48:30

Really? I did try and google some evap lives but couldn’t see one as they looked positive to me. I’ve looked at the test again tonight and it has slightly faded like tiniest bit but you can still see it even from afar if it was a positive would it fade a little? X

Jaedee93 Mon 19-Feb-18 02:48:52

I’m scared to do another test incase it’s negative and this is a false xx

RLOU88 Mon 19-Feb-18 04:14:50

I found out on a red dye eventually 5 days before I was due but everyone’s different. I know it’s scary when you want it so much. Do the new test when you feel ready as it would pick it up now if the CB did a couple of days ago and good luck.

LampHat Mon 19-Feb-18 09:32:36

Mine was like yours and had pretty much disappeared when I looked at it a few days later! If I hadn’t had a bfp on a digi by that point I’d have really freaked out. Good luck for your next test, but I think you’ll be fine wink

AnUtterIdiot Mon 19-Feb-18 09:35:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AmyJessicax26 Mon 19-Feb-18 09:37:48

I was 18 days late but then found out I ovulated later then normal x

TickTock10 Mon 19-Feb-18 10:17:35

IMO = in my opinion.

Don't over think things as you are only stressing yourself out.

goodluck on your next test, but I wouldn't recommend you to keep re-testing.

RLOU88 Tue 20-Feb-18 09:24:17

How are you doing, Jaedee ? X

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