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Can I be induced for reduced movements and mental health?

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laylajo111 Wed 14-Feb-18 22:24:55

I’m 34 weeks and suffer with severe depression and I’m currently in CBT for an overdose last year as a means of attempted suicide.
Ive been experiencing reduced movement for the past two day and have come into maternity assessment last night, this morning, and tonight (staying over night to have a scan in the morning). I’m scared she’s moving less because I’ve been having more panick attacks the past two weeks and it’s effecting her. I really can’t cope with pregnancy anymore. Everyday I’m a mess and miserable and just want to run head first into a wall. The monitoring they’ve done is pointless. I’ve told them that I can only feel her move after she’s been prompted and nudged. So when they feel around her before they put monitors on she moves and they just write me off and say she’s fine even though I then tell them that those movements are still reduced for how she normally moves. They dont seem to listen to me and are only going off their monitors and just ignoring the fact that I’ve told them its reduced. I feel like they don’t believe me or that I’m lying. I’m too scared to say anything because of this now.

Can I be induced early (34 weeks) for my mental health and her reduced movements?Please help me.

AnUtterIdiot Wed 14-Feb-18 23:06:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnUtterIdiot Wed 14-Feb-18 23:07:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnUtterIdiot Wed 14-Feb-18 23:10:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Girlwiththearabstrap Wed 14-Feb-18 23:12:03

Tell them how you're feeling and be honest about the panic attacks and mental health concerns. They do tend to take reduced movements seriously-the monitoring and scans and overnight stay do indicate that they want to make sure all is well. The fact that they are happy with the trace etc is reassuring.

34 weeks is definitely doable - I was induced at 34+5 and my baby was fine but they do like to keep them in as long as possible. I had severe pre eclampsia and was monitored for a couple of days because at that gestation every day counts. In the end they made the call that it was safer to deliver so they will be assessing you and deciding what to do.

Loosemoose28 Wed 14-Feb-18 23:15:29

Didn’t want to read and run.

The monitorings they are doing tell the midwives and doctors a lot about her well being. The scan tomorrow will be able to tell them even more and how well the placenta is feeding her etc.

34 weeks is premature and she may require quite a lot of care if born now. I highly doubt any doctor will agree to induction now if scans and monitorings are normal.

However maybe discuss a plan with a doctor for planned repeated monitoring with both CTG and scans?
If anything for your reassurance. Xx

DaisyLand Wed 14-Feb-18 23:16:16

I’m suffering from anxiety, been today again for a ctg cuz of movements (anterior placenta doesn’t help )
I’ve got an appointment in a few weeks time with an obstetrician. One of my questions is taken into account I’m in the hospital every week cuz of the movements and that I’m suffering loads mentally whether I can have a section / induction around 38 or so.

Mw told me to ask obstetrician but that they normally don’t allow before 37w if there is no concern about the baby. After 37w babies are considered full term.

Ask your mw or doctor or antenatal clinic if referred to one.

Hope everything goes ok

Blondephantom Wed 14-Feb-18 23:21:08

I was induced at 34 weeks due to baby not having much fluid around them. I had previously had steroids to help mature the baby’s lungs and was being monitored twice a day and kept in hospital.

My baby spent four weeks in the nicu and we nearly lost her at two weeks old. While medical science is a wonderful thing, there is a reason why they won’t consider it other than as a very last resort.

Could you ask for more monitoring to reassure you? Or perhaps ask to stay in as you feel the panic attacks are affecting baby? Maybe they could do a trace during an attack as it may reassure you to see that baby is coping with them. If that isn’t possible then always contact them when movement has changed. Most maternity hospitals have signs all over telling you to do just that.

Lilymossflower Wed 14-Feb-18 23:55:02

Talk to them. Maybe you could plan a induction for a later date and that could give you some peace of mind knowing only such and such amounts of days to wait. Xx

TheCatsPaws Thu 15-Feb-18 07:57:37

I had this happen to me. My baby was moving less and my anxiety was out of control. I was also having contractions but wasn’t dilating. I was fobbed off and told he was fine.

They did my section at 36 weeks. He came out blue and distressed. They were surprised, I was not, because I KNEW he wasn’t moving properly.

Insist on scans and monitoring OP.

Oysterbabe Thu 15-Feb-18 08:44:55

DD came unexpectedly at 35+5. She had a week in NICU being tubefed and needed phototherapy for jaundice. It was a really difficult and stressful time full of worry.
I know you're having a miserable time ATM and definitely keep talking about your concerns but the experts do know what they're doing.

clarebear1983 Thu 15-Feb-18 13:56:08

My baby came at 35+4 unexpectedly, as someone that suffers from anxiety (that worsens in pregnancy) I can tell you my mental health was in shreds. It still is if I'm honest as my son is almost 4 weeks old, small, vulnerable and still suffering with jaundice. We were only in hospital for a week and a half but I would have honestly done anything to have kept him 'cooking' for a bit longer. The week he spent in SCBU was one of the worst of my life and he was very healthy for a preterm baby so I can only begin to imagine what it's like for parents of earlier or more poorly babies.

Report in every instance of reduced movement. Voice your concerns every time also. Usually after 3 instances you'll be referred for a further scan to check in more detail. You can also request an appointment with a consultant if it's not automatically offered. You might have to make a short term sacrifice and grit your teeth and suffer through the pregnancy anxiety (I really do know how tiny feel) because I promise you afterwards a healthy baby is worth it 100 times over.

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