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First time in maternity clothes

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Strawberrythief87 Wed 14-Feb-18 16:35:03

I'm wearing maternity jeans for the first time today and they're so fricken comfy I'm wondering what took me so long!
I'm 13 weeks 5 days and can still do up my old jeans but they're certainly tight and dig in. I was planning on using the hair band trick for a bit but some maternity jeans i bought on ebay arrived so I decided to give them a go and seriously think I might just wear these as eating pants long after the bumps born.

El1995 Wed 14-Feb-18 16:58:27

I've now left it waaayyyyyyyyy too long to get any maternity clothes now (8weeks left to go woop), though I was tempted by the idea of maternity jeans :3 just been living in leggings, trackies and huge tops 😁😁 would have been a totally different story had I carried through summer!

ClareB83 Wed 14-Feb-18 17:07:03

My maternity leggings are my friends 😊. I love them.

Only 24 weeks with twins and already normal clothes are long gone...

Marmite27 Wed 14-Feb-18 17:11:05

DC2 here, I was in maternity stuff at 12 weeks.

This child hates being constricted so was making me feel ill in normal clothes.

PinkAvocado Wed 14-Feb-18 17:13:35

I’m 31 weeks and have no maternity trousers and now I’m nearly there I don’t want to buy any either. So I should have got some earlier. Skinny stretchy jeans, the hair band trick and doing things up under my bump has got me this far and hoping to continue!

BuffalotheGruffalo Wed 14-Feb-18 17:15:03

I was given some maternity leggings and braved them at 11 weeks on a particularly bloated day. I don't think I'll ever stop wearing them to be honest! 17 weeks now and there's just no way I could get away with wearing my old stuff now.

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