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Partner being made redundant just before mat leave?

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Hollyxxxx Wed 14-Feb-18 14:57:12

sad hi ladies,

Just hoping someone who has had a similar experience ended up Ok.. im 35 weeks, due to start maternity leave two weeks on Friday. Me and my partner work in the same business and they’ve announced redundancies and transfers. Looks like he will be a redundancy or transferred and then made redundant straight away.

I will be on stat maternity pay and I’m freaking the hell out ... after my bills I will be living off 260 a month and he will have nothing. Worst of it is we won’t know if he’s being transferred for another two weeks. Feel heartbroken and so stressed, if he’s transferred he will start 1st May. Then more than likely bet let off. sad

strawberrysparkle Wed 14-Feb-18 15:02:25

How rubbish for you sad

Best thing you can do is:

-have a look at this: and see if there anything like tax credits you can get whilst you are off just with your income.

-calculate your partners redundancy entitlement to see how long that will last.

-Look at you are spending to see if you can cut back on anything (easier said than done when purse strings are so tight).

- Try and stay calm. Things always work out in the end even if it's a hard road to get there. You need to focus on you and baby.

What a stressful time for you especially when you are expecting.

Hollyxxxx Wed 14-Feb-18 15:21:06

Well he’s been there less than two years so would get zero redundancy pay sad we live separately at the moment, both at our parents houses. I will be claiming child tax credits or hoping to it I am entitled, and child benefit.

He will most likely have to go on job seekers allowance.

God I can’t stop crying in work, I just want to start my mat leave now. I feel so so bad for my partner he’s heartbroken

HorsesCourses Wed 14-Feb-18 16:08:10

What is your DP's line of work? And the likelihood of him finding a new job in your area??? Have you already bought the basic items you will need for the baby?
It's good that you are both living with your parents- hopefully that means a basic safety net, so neither of you will starve?
Trying to look for some silver lining, your DP will be able to spend time with you and your newborn. Yes, it's not by choice and you both will be worried about money but a newborn can be hard going and having DP around is very helpful for you too.

Hollyxxxx Wed 14-Feb-18 16:24:18

Warehouse supervisor, likelihood of finding a job even slightly on the same wage and near to me quite slim. So thankful that this isn’t happening and us live together as we’d be realllly up shit creek, but everything we’d planned has gone to pot. The Money we’ve saved so far to buy a house will have to be used to live off. We’ve bought everything except things for hospital bag so done quite well.

Just can’t believe it. Management have known for months and kept it hush, his boss even promised us both last week he would be put on more day shifts so he would see baby more.

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