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Pregnant is 5 months...what to do about work?!

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Heatherbaby Tue 13-Feb-18 16:29:00

Hi guys

I have a dilemma. I had a baby in August 2017. I left my job shortly before hand as i had started somewhere new and they didn't take kindly to my pregnancy announcement (long story!).

My DD is now almost 6 months and I have been considering my career options. I have found a small firm that looks like they want to take me on and have a second interview tomorrow to confirm.

However a few days ago I found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. It came as an absolute shock. For those that may enjoy the detail, my DH and I only managed to do the deed once last month due to illnesses and busyness and the one time we did DH used the withdrawal method. Obviously a rubbish contraception method but I really thought the chances were next to none.

I am very shell shocked and panicking about having 2 under 2 and only 14 months apart! Asides from being totally scared how I'll deal with two babies I am at a loss what to do about work.

My plan so far is to do the second interview , get the job offer and then tell them before either party is contractually bound. I am hoping I can offer to work for say 6 months then go off on mat leave for 6 to 9 months then come back at 100% commitment.

I was on maternity allowance so if i have another baby immediately I am not sure I will receive any financial help so this is really worrying. I want to be honest with the new firm before I start due to my experience last year, I want a good prospect of returning after my second maternity.

However the new firm may tell me it won't suit them to work like this.

I would stay off work until after baby no 2 but the type of work I Do, it will be become more and more unemployable the longer that I'm not practicing.

Any thoughts, opinions, suggestions or advice would be really welcome right now!


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