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Bfp after ivf — anyone else?

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DameSylvieKrin Tue 13-Feb-18 12:43:22

I had to name change because in combination with what I've written on the Infertility board it would be fairly identifying. I didn't join a group for this cycle because fed up.
I had several failed cycles of IVF, but this one has worked! OTD today so due date 22–24 October (the clinic and the doctor don't agree datewise).
Early days so it may not work out but I'm just pleased to know it can work.

Juststrugglingabit Tue 13-Feb-18 14:26:41

Yep me! 22 weeks pregnant after IVF. You will get a special piece of paper to wave around in case anyone else tries to change your dates - apparently some hospitals don't get it! Luckily I've not had that problem as I lost the piece of paper.

I never joined any groups as I was finding the internet was making me more stressed about it all and I think that contributed to us having a relatively easy time of it. Was lucky though - referred to clinic June 2017 and due this June. Very kind and supportive clinic who took amazing care of us.

FrauNeuer Tue 13-Feb-18 14:42:24

Yes <<whispers>>. Just had viability scan on Friday so will be just over 7 weeks. Congrats both on your pregnancies!

Is it normal to still be utterly terrified even after seeing that everything’s looking ok?? I haven’t joined any groups either for the same reason... and I’m so scared of something going wrong I’d just be boring everyone with my neuroses. blush

cazinge Tue 13-Feb-18 14:49:16

I'm 26+4 with my IVF pregnancy so due 18th May. They did bring my dates 4 days forward at the 12w scan but I didn't mind as it made me more pregnant grin

I've found it harder as it's gone on to relax, especially as everyone else is do excited but it's kicking away as I type so presumably is fine.


cherryontopp Tue 13-Feb-18 15:01:08

Me, 4 days over due with my IVF pregnancy. They changed my dates too, 3 days infront but glad for it now as it means i get induced quicker!


EastDulwichWife Tue 13-Feb-18 15:40:42

Congratulations! What fantastic news. You must be over the moon.

FrauNeuer Tue 13-Feb-18 17:53:12

Nice to know there are others in the same boat!

DSK do you have a scan booked yet? I found the waiting between OTD and 1st Scan an absolute killer - I was sure there was going to be nothing there.

That said, I’m waiting for 2nd scan in 2 weeks and going crazy.... confused

Whatamuddleduck Tue 13-Feb-18 19:41:36

29 wks with ivf baby here. Still anxious and weirdly worried that baby would have disappeared at each scan. Just had a pair of feet pop out of my side whilst in the bath so definitely someone in there. Good luck with your pregnancies and congratulations!

welliments Tue 13-Feb-18 19:47:14

I have a 2 year old from IVF. I’m still fecking terrified...

Sarsparella Tue 13-Feb-18 19:50:29

Yes! Me too smile I didn’t join a thread when I did our last round either, I thought I was stressing myself out going over everything & well, it’s worked!

Got a 6 week scan on the 28th, doesn’t feel real at all - aside from some cramps I’ve got no symptoms at all, but I did two tests & they were definitely BFP smile

Amara123 Tue 13-Feb-18 20:07:36

Can I join in too? Was too demoralised to join the current cycle threads this time (been there bought the t-shirt many times!). I got a positive pregnancy test last week and can't believe it still! I keep looking at the pregnancy tests. I'm too scared to do another test now and at this point am waiting to organise my early scan.

I'm fretting over symptoms (mild cramps) and no symptoms alternately and think the coming months are going to feel very very long!

How are the rest of you staying sane?

Longleggedlovely Tue 13-Feb-18 20:18:45

Me too! I’m 38 weeks with our IVF miracle who was conceived on our 5th round of treatment. Booked in for an ELCS next week for other health reasons but excited that in a maximum of a week DH and I get to meet the wee person we’ve dreamed about for so long.

Congratulations all!

PipsM Tue 13-Feb-18 20:59:22

Me too! I’m 28 weeks after our first round of IVF (we were very lucky as only had one egg that made it to blast). Keep thinking it’s all a dream and then the heartburn kicks in or baby kicks!
Congratulations to everyone that it has worked for- it is a long process but will be worth it in the end! Xx

Sarsparella Tue 13-Feb-18 21:32:36

Amara I have no idea how I’m staying sane, I guess because I don’t really believe it’s true yet?? I don’t think it’ll feel real until I’ve seen a scan... two weeks to wait for that yet!!

Im tempted to do more tests?? But the ones I did were very strong positives, but even so... I feel like I need to do something!!

Amara123 Wed 14-Feb-18 21:47:12

Hi Sarsparella!

Same as you, I had some barn door obvious tests. I'm tying my hands together to stop myself doing more because I don't want to see a negative! That would lead me having to get blood tests and I reckon my anxiety would go through the roof. I'd prefer to wait until my scan and hope for the best when that happens. Mine is early March so fingers crossed.


Coco24 Wed 14-Feb-18 22:08:26

Me too! I'm 25 weeks with our IVF baby, she is due 30th May!
Still can't quite believe it somedays it has been such a long journey, just trying to enjoy every second of it!

Congratulations everyone xx

Bojangles33 Thu 15-Feb-18 15:17:34

Congratulations OP!

I'm 24 weeks with our IVF baby smile

Sarsparella Fri 16-Feb-18 13:27:52

I’m absolutely ravenous, I can’t stop eating and I still don’t feel full! Today I’ve had x2 slices of toast and a huge portion of noodles, veg & tofu pastry thing and I could eat the lunch all over again

Juststrugglingabit Fri 16-Feb-18 14:08:39

Ah congratulations to us all! grin

Sarsparella eat everything in sight and enjoy it!

Good luck to everyone waiting for first scans. It's hard waiting but the odds even now are very much in your favor and when you see that heartbeat you forget all the stress. And once you've seen that heartbeat, the odds of a miscarriage go down even more!

VillageFete Fri 16-Feb-18 15:13:42

Oh can I join? Found out today that i’m pregnant after my first ever round (frozen embryo transfer) I am on cloud 9, beyond happy. Only had one other that made it to freeze and quality wasn’t great so all hopes were pinned on this!!
Sometimes I feel like a fraud as i’m lucky enough to have a naturally conceived 8 year old DD. We have been trying for 3.5 years, and she is so terribly desperate for a sibling, I can’t wait to (hopefully) be able to tell her the good news!!

Anyone else feel like they were going to pass out waiting for the test to show if pregnant or not? Terrifying!!!

jennifer86 Fri 16-Feb-18 16:45:43

Hi, can I join as well? I'm 11 weeks pregnant after our first round of ivf. We only had 1 embryo transferred but it has split so we're having identical twins! I can't believe how lucky we've been, we also have a son who's nearly 3 who was conceived with iui due to fertility problems. But if someone had told me 4 years ago the position I'd be in now, I would never have believed it! smile xx

Sindulka Fri 16-Feb-18 19:18:12


I just had IVF (ICSI) and today was the day to tell the clinic about the results. I got positive! well..I've got first faint line on last Sunday already, then Monday and Tuesday lines were much darker. Tried different kinds of tests during the week, all came postive but not getting darker..but the one from the clinic today came as really faint, I was in shock...I was panicking I am losing the pregnancy, then decided to buy the same brand tests as I tried on my first days, so the line came as very dark (25miu). I am wondering how sensitive are those tests in the clinic? any idea? confused the clinic told that if there is a line, there is a line and doesn't matter how dark it is. Anybody else was confused about that? hmm
Also, 2 days ago I got really bad pain down there, was kind of "locked" for about 30 sec constantly, couldnt stand up or to say a word...was so scared!!! then the pain dissapeared, but after that most of my symptoms gone as well (next day). Before had a really bad dizziness, headache, cramps, weakness etc. today I feel completely normal, just very small cramps and boops slightly hurting, but cant feel you think I have to worry about something? Also, where I could make (cheaper) blood test to find out my levels?? pls help me xxx

TickTock10 Sat 17-Feb-18 01:26:53

Congratulations all!!

May I join? It's still early days for me, I'm 5 weeks, and have my first scan in 2 weeks.

I had 2 blastocysts put back in, and my hcg levels are excessively high that my doctor has confirmed it's highly likely both have made it. We will find out in 2 weeks.

Taking each day as it comes!

Wishing you all the best!!

VillageFete Sat 17-Feb-18 09:21:55

sindulka If you google “pregnancy blood test” and your area, something should come up. I know it costs £50 in my area.

I have just used a Sainsburys own brand pregnancy test and the lines are awful on it. I am debating whether to use a Clearblue digital again next week to see if my my weeks go up? I was 1-2 weeks yesterday. I can see this getting addictive....

I am so excited. Praying all goes well. I have my babyshower and everything planned in my head shock

Sindulka Sat 17-Feb-18 11:17:24

Thank you VillageFete, will try to look xx Have you tried to do yours?
I know it is really addictive, I can't wait even single day without testing.. I haven't used a digi yet, but I will try next week, I suppose, should be 2-3 weeks. I need to wait till 9th of March for my scan...but thinking to go even earlier somewhere else just for peace of mind. I cant sleep well at night, always thinking is everything alright, makes me mad..after previuos loss at 3 months (missed miscarriage), I am abit paranoid this time...

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