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Fluoxetine 19 weeks pregnant

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Sarah1087 Mon 12-Feb-18 19:06:34


I was prescribed fluoxetine a few days before I found out I was pregnant due to depression and severe pms. I only took 4 tablets over 3 days and stopped because of my baby.

I've been to the doctors today who's booked me in to see a counsellor but I'm very low again, I have no interest in anything I am being snappy with my partner i have personal family heartache my job is emotionally demanding and I feel I've just had some sort of breakdown I am also feeling angry.

I really don't want to feel this way anymore and I want to experience the happiest time of my life being pregnant and welcoming our baby into the world with feelings of euphorhia and not sadness and depression,
I'm finding everything really hard at the moment some days I feel fine others I'm hitting rock bottom.

So my question is really I'm wanting to hear stories of other mums to be who are or have taken fluoxetine, has everything been ok ?

I am worried I will take these tablets and if something heartbreaking happens to my unborn baby I won't be able to forgive myself ever again

Blythwind Mon 12-Feb-18 19:40:56

Fluoxetine isn't one that's recommended during pregnancy, but there are several that are suitable. Sertraline is definitely ok.

Please speak to your GP, they can and will help you. X

itsjess Mon 12-Feb-18 19:42:39

Hey Sarah, I'm ttc and have spoken to my gp/ mental health team about medication now and during pregnancy. They have assured me that continuing a low dose anti depressant is far preferable to declining mental health in pregnancy or afterwards. Fluoxetine has been used for a long time so there should be good guidance available for gps on safety in pregnancy. I switched to sertraline as the mental health team advised it was one of the safest.
I hope you get the support you need and are able to enjoy your pregnancy

Backenette Mon 12-Feb-18 19:45:13

Current best knowledge shows no significant difference between children born to mothers using fluoxetine and those not.

Sertraline crosses the placenta slightly less and transfers into milk less, but it didn’t work for me. Prozac did and I’ve had no issues taking it. It has an ok safety profile in pregnancy (I’m a scientist, I’ve read the primary literature and I’m comfyvtaking it.)

Sarah1087 Tue 13-Feb-18 10:00:49

Thanks ladies

I've spoken to midwife this morning, I am going to see her tomorrow, she's unsure about the fluoxetine but has said about referring me to mental health team which worrys me, as I'm so scared they'll think I'll an unfit mother and be involved when baby is here. I'm glad I've reached out for help and advise but I'm now worried about the impact this will have on me and my baby

Tanyelx Tue 13-Feb-18 16:16:39

I’ve been on lots of mental health medication since I was 14!
The main one being fluoxetine.
I was on a 80mg dose when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. They lowered it slowly through my pregnancy. The lowest I was on was 20mg through out the end of pregnancy. I was told it was completely safe and ha e a perfectly healthy one year old.
Now 13 weeks pregnant and still on 20mg and everything is going fine! X

CrabbyPatty Tue 13-Feb-18 18:24:07

Don't worry about the mental health team. They will have seen tonnes of Mummys in your position. It's a good sign that you recognise your issues and are seeking help.

physicskate Tue 13-Feb-18 19:32:33

I've just been prescribed fluoxetine as im depressed by infertility. Looks like ivf is imminent. I was given this by my gp with my fertility clinic's blessing.

pancakequeenisheretosaveyou Tue 13-Feb-18 22:46:36

I have seen the mental health midwife throughout my pregnancy- she said floroxtine is fine whilst pregnant but they keep you in an extra day after having the baby to monitor you / baby afterwards for withdrawal. I take 20mg so low dose. Mental health midwife was lovely- please don't worry and congrats on your pregnancy thanks

rosemcn Thu 15-Feb-18 19:59:36

I’ve just had to switch from citalopram to amitriptyline, was at the dr today.

He said fluoxetine was an option but amitriptyline was preferred... feels like everyone says something different! I’m glad to hear that the side effects on the baby are minimal I’ve been really panicking about taking it, but I’ve been on antidepressants for 8 years and know I will suffer if I don’t take anything. Sort of wishing the dr had given me fluoxetine cos it’s more similar to what I was on before!!!!

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