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Will these boobs ever go away?

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cjferg Mon 12-Feb-18 17:18:57

So I've always had tiny barely B cup boobs until pregnancy and I have to say I'm not loving them being bigger. It's uncomfortable, they get in the way, I always clip my nipple when I open doors cause they stick out more. I HATE wearing bras but they've been getting sweat rashes underneath if I don't :/
Respect to all you who were already ample pre pregnancy. Don't know how you do it.

Will they go down again even a bit after breastfeeding, or am I stuck forever like this?

Smarshian Mon 12-Feb-18 17:23:39

I was a 36DD before 1st pregnancy. They ballooned during pregnancy and then whilst breastfeeding they got even bigger. Unfortunately as soon as I stopped breastfeeding they shrunk to 36B. I'm now pregnant again and they are back to 36E.

awankstainonhumanity Mon 12-Feb-18 19:29:12

I went from a b to a d in pregnancy, then up to an event at the height of breastfeeding. Now two months after stopping I'm down at c and still going down.

On the whole they go down. But are never the same!

Wellthen Mon 12-Feb-18 20:32:05

Mine grew and grew through my first pregnancy and stayed big while I fed. Once I’d fully weaned they went back to original size but slightly ‘looser’

OutyMcOutface Mon 12-Feb-18 20:35:20

Mine started out as DD. Jumped to and E overnight when I fel pregnant. Swelled to an F when my milk cane in. Dropped back to an E after a few months. Still breastfeeding. Still and E. I don't even care at this point whether they drop back to a DD-they are so floppy that they will be uncomfortable regardless.

dowhatyoufeelnow Mon 12-Feb-18 20:48:17

I went from small c up to an F, they are still here. I hate them!!

Smellyjo Mon 12-Feb-18 20:52:51

Yes, I went from b/c cup up to ff and back down to d, still breastfeeding now and pregnant again so they are just starting to swell again and I like it. Less because of the big size but because they are feeling full again and less like floppy empty potato is true they will never be the same again unfortunately. But they grew a person as some consolation.

BayLeaves Mon 12-Feb-18 20:53:54

Mine become smaller than ever after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Ninjamilo Mon 12-Feb-18 20:55:25

Mine were a H before pregnancy - dread to think what they are now 🙁

I live in Molke bras, they're the only thing I've found that's comfortable!

LastOneDancing Mon 12-Feb-18 20:56:04

I went from a 30F to a 32J sad
Now back to a 30F but they're like sad spaniel ears.

The right bra can work wonders though.

harrietm87 Mon 12-Feb-18 20:57:53

I also wonder this - I was 32C pre-preg and now up to 34DD. I hate them! They used to be so perky and cute.

Obviously a sacrifice worth making but really hoping they go back to their original size.

lovelystar Tue 13-Feb-18 00:33:55

I really hope so sad I was a D before pregnancy which i already hated and have now gone up to a 36 F. I'm so worried they will never go back to normal and I'll be stuck with floppy around boobs forever. My partner on the other hand...

zaalitje Tue 13-Feb-18 07:04:29

I'm an E pre preg and now worried they'll be shrivelled to a B or C cup as they were the only part of my body that was half decent.
The rest was already flabby and revolting before so was expecting it to be more so after, but I at least thought I'd keep my boobs sad

Scoobysue10 Tue 13-Feb-18 07:16:16

Before first pregnancy I was a little A cup.
Went up to C cup by end of pregnancy then straight back to my little A.
Also happened during my 2nd pregnancy.
But when my 2nd was 1 I started putting on weight dye to depression. Ended up a C cup. His 10 this wk and still have my C cup boobs althoughave weight goes up and down now boobs stay the same.
I must admit I do like my bigger boobs. Hated my little A ones lol

QueenAravisOfArchenland Tue 13-Feb-18 07:21:54

Nobody can tell you really. Some people end up permanently bigger, some people smaller than they were pre pregnancy. There's no way to tell until you've stopped breastfeeding and a few years have passed. And your second and subsequent pregnancies might be different from your first.

gryffen Tue 13-Feb-18 13:54:42

I'm a 46G naturally (and that's after losing 50kg) and our family must have been cursed with big boobs.

I live in Triumph Doreen bras and Yours bras.

The backache I used to get is gone now but it was incredibly painful at points.

As for sweat rash - get some dermol emollient from Chemist or doctor and use it as soap substitute in shower or bath- will get rid of it quickly and doesn't contain anything like steroids or that - also great for use on dry skin.

Cotswoldmama Wed 14-Feb-18 08:03:03

I would say I’m the exact same as you I was a small 30 b then went up about a size or 2 whilst preggo then in the early stages of breastfeeding I went to about 30e. It was really hard to find nursing bras and I felt like everyone was looking at my boobs I hated it! By about 6 months they settled to a c/d cup. Then weaning at 6 months bought them down to a c. I would say between 9 months and a year they went back to there previous size. He’s two now and I’m still feeding and my boobs are the exact size they were before I was preggo

Heartofglass12345 Wed 14-Feb-18 10:17:24

I didnt breast feed but i expressed for a few weeks, i had big boobs before but jesus christ they were huge! I couldn't wear any of my normal bras so i bought one of those belvia bra things, much more comfortable. Now after 2 kids and are a lot saggier than they used to be sad

FranticallyPeaceful Wed 14-Feb-18 10:39:16

Mine were a very small C and went to a large E, they went back down to a D

bassackwards Wed 14-Feb-18 10:50:10

I was wearing A / small B pre preg. They got a bit bigger in pregnancy - by maybe one cup size. I remember this distinctly because I couldn't quite squeeze into my brand new Hanro bras! But they didn't charge further at all after giving birth and during BFing. They look pretty much as they did pre preg, albeit a tad saggier. And there's a baby constantly hanging off them...

Bluebellies Wed 14-Feb-18 11:03:46

Mine were a teeny 30A before pregnancy, now after 2 DCs and 5 years on they are a 30F. I’m probably 7-10lbs heavier than pre children, not all of it boob though!

silkpyjamasallday Wed 14-Feb-18 11:09:23

I was a 28C before I got pregnant, they went up to a 28GG in the first few weeks of breastfeeding they looked absolutely ridiculous and got in the way of everything, 17 months later and still bf they are a 28DD but saggier. I dread to think what they will look like when I stop feeding! I hate wearing bras but have resigned myself to it but comfy yoga bras.

jellycat1 Wed 14-Feb-18 11:10:39

Mine are exactly the same after two kids!

cjferg Wed 14-Feb-18 19:03:02

Thanks, everyone. Good to know I may be in with a chance! Barely a 38B before pregnancy, but when I got measured they came out at 40D(!?), although those bras didn't quite fit properly so have 40Cs right now. Was quite intimidated by how huge the bras were!

Don't really care about them being saggy as long as I can just ignore them. Just annoying because I used to want boobs so badly and I've only come to be comfortable with my body in the last few years :/

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