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Feel like somethings in my lady bits

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SamanthaH92 Mon 12-Feb-18 15:04:35

As the title says really. I am feeling very uncomfortable, it feels like something is up my vagina or about to fall out. I can't get comfy unless I'm am laid on my side or sat with my legs up and wide apart. I am 17 weeks tomorrow. No bleeding, no pain. I have had babys heartbeat checked this morning and he/she is low down could this be why?

ClareB83 Mon 12-Feb-18 15:27:14

Maybe, when my twins are both head down it's a bit uncomfortable in the vagina area. Quite pressured/pokey.

It doesn't feel like anything's gonna fall out tho.

HotCrossBunFight Mon 12-Feb-18 15:29:46

I had this sensation several times in my pregnancy. I saw my doctor who said I had a varicous vein in my vagina creating the sensation.

SamanthaH92 Mon 12-Feb-18 16:00:29

It seems to have eased off a little bit now but not completley x

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