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Vaginal births after c section

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jojobingo Fri 30-Jul-04 13:31:15

I had my dd by c-section - she was breech. The midwives are strongly in favour of "normal birth" for my second (due in January) - how likely is it that I will be able to avoid a c section?

fruitful Fri 30-Jul-04 13:55:52

I'm in the same situation as you - pg after first baby was born by cs cos breech. Not due till March, and I think I'm going to get an independent midwife.

Our chances are much the same as any first-time mother's chance of avoiding a c-section -75% ish. - scroll down and click on "Chances of a VBAC".

It depends a bit on your hospital policy too - some give you lots of grief and insist you come in early, have continuous monitoring, have a drip put in, and give you a (stupidly short) time limit before they give up and give you a cs. So you might want to discuss with your midwives whether the "normal birth" they are suggesting is actually going to be normal, or do you get treated differently?

suzywong Fri 30-Jul-04 14:12:57


Fruitful has given you very sound advice, However I would say that if you do end up having another c section don't feel that you have missed out - caring for your baby and doing what is safest for you both is the most important aspect of motherhood.

What I mean is that is is very easy to get focused on going for VBAC when c section would be the best option and then feel let down or a sense of non-achievement.

best of luck on your big day

fruitful Fri 30-Jul-04 15:35:46

True. Jojobingo - what do *you* want? If you want another cs, just tell them you've decided you want a homebirth and wait a week; they'll be falling over themselves to get you in the theatre .

Blackduck Fri 30-Jul-04 16:06:17

No personal experience, but sil had c-section with number one (baby in distress after looooooong labour....), and a two hour labour virginal birth with number two....

gingernut Fri 30-Jul-04 17:27:52

A virginal birth Blackduck????!

Philly Fri 30-Jul-04 17:58:54

I have had two vaginal births after having a c section because ds1 was breech.Admittedly I did labour before the section so my body had done that bit before.With ds2 I ended up with forceps at the end but he had very broad shoulders and was 2pounds heavier than ds1,I know several people who have had this mostly because second baby is bigger but you have not been stretched! by the first.Ds3 was gas and air only and only 3 pushes.It can be done and I know lots of people who have,one thing I would say though was that I had a gap of 3 years between ds1 and ds2 I also had no pressure from midwife or consultant to have a section.

Blackduck Fri 30-Jul-04 18:30:35

wilbur Fri 30-Jul-04 18:32:53

I had a vbac last year with dd after an emergency c-section with ds. I was monitored v. carefully in labour (which was sort of annoying, but ok in the end) but all went well. I had gone through most of labour with ds (c-section due to him getting stuck during 2nd stage) so dd's birth was faster, but a good friend of mine has just had a lovely vbac after a c-section for breech with her first. If you do want to go for it, I would recommend you talk v carefully to yr midwives and obs and explain what you are after and that you are looking for their support. I found that realy helped both me and my friend.

wilbur Fri 30-Jul-04 18:34:05

Don't fancy a virginal birth myself, blackduck - all the pain and none of the fun....

karen01 Fri 30-Jul-04 22:56:26

jojobingo- I had a vbac last month, DD was c-section as breech and lots of complications. I was told after c-section you can,t be induced as inductions apparantly increase risk of section anyway. I was having regular consultant appointments due to probs in first pg so when my due date came last month I was at the hospital for an appointment and consultant wanted to give a c-section the next day ( a friday) I asked her to give me a sweep and we both agreed that if that hadn't worked by the Tuesday then I would go in for the section. The sweep did work and i had my DS early hours on the saturday morning he was back to back so it was touch and go for a while re another section, but midwife and i managed to get the drs to leave me alone to try , he took three pushes to come out. I was on the moniter through out but used birthing ball and managed to walk around for 5-10mins every hour or so, I was only confined to the bed once I had the epidural. Hope this helps sorry if abit long winded.

Good luck

bluebear Fri 30-Jul-04 23:12:59

jojobingo - I had a vbac for my second baby after a section due to first baby getting stuck.
I agree with everyone else..expect to be told that you can't be induced if you go over term, and to be on a (horrible) monitor from the moment you get to hospital.
Do talk to your midwives - ask if you can adopt different positions whilst being monitored - I spent a few hours sitting on a birthing ball with the monitor on so you don't *have* to be lying on the bed..In my local birthing centre they will let mums who had a secton due to breech baby to use the birthing pool etc. as if they were a first time mum.
Have you got someone very supportive to be with you during the birth - I wish I had had a doula (a non-medical female birth attendant) to support me and encourage me.
Good luck - hope it all goes well.

midden Fri 30-Jul-04 23:23:37

jojobingo, research has shown having a doula can decrease the chances of a section by 50% look here for more info and to find one in your area
doula uk

preggerschick Wed 18-Jul-07 21:01:53

I had an emergency c section with my first baby because he was discovered to be breech - midwives couldn't tell despite my waters breaking , being in labour for hours being 6 cm dilated and being internally examined.

I am absolutely petrified of giving birth naturally so am praying for a c section this time around (i'm due in nov) but have been told that I have to have a natural birth.

Worried because I want to stay at home as long as possible but don't want to risk having another breech baby.

ellasmum1 Wed 18-Jul-07 21:11:05

How can anyone tell you that you have to have a vaginal birth preggerschick?
You should be given the choice to have another c section if thats what you want!

claraq Wed 18-Jul-07 21:22:45

I am in the exact same situation as you. Worried about VBAC as have not laboured at all with first (breech) and now heard that 2nd babies are usually bigger, just to make matters worse! But am off to see consulatant to discuss tomorrow so am interested to hear what others have said about being monitored. I will try and find out how likely it is that I will be able to move around etc. If I go for VBAC definitely want to try and have as active a birth as possible.
Having said that if it ends in another c-section it won't be the end of the world. At least I know what to expect!

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