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Beige/light brown spotting at 22 weeks

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lookingforthecorkscrew Sun 11-Feb-18 22:48:21

Just wondering how much brown discharge is too much, and when to call midwife.

I had a huge bleed at 12 weeks which finally resolved by about 17 weeks. Midwife advised me to not take daily aspirin until it had resolved.

I'm 22 weeks now and I'm back on the aspirin every day (BMI) but since then I've noticed brown streaks in my CM, often more after I go for a poo blush. I'm terrified of bleeding like I did ten weeks ago, it was gushing and scary. But I'm pretty sure DD is fine in there as she's been kicking me in the crotch all day!

WWYD in this position?

gryffen Sun 11-Feb-18 22:50:45

Hi lass

When I was constipated I had spotting about 2 days later and it was defo discharge only and stopped that day - is that something that is possible if your straining?

Any concerns I would speak to midwife for reassurance xx

lookingforthecorkscrew Sun 11-Feb-18 22:52:06

I'm not straining particularly hard, but I guess a bit more than normal. Might ring the midwife in the morning for a chat.

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