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Placental abruption

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seastargirl Sun 11-Feb-18 17:21:11

Has anyone on here experienced a placental abruption and gone on to have further pregnancies. What were your pregnancies like and what support/monitoring did you get?

My little girl survived a placental abruption, although was born with an apgar of 0 and had to be resuscitated, spend time in nicu etc. We lost a baby last summer but having only got to 18 weeks emotional monitoring hadn't started and no one seemed keen to do much to help.

I'm now at the stage of thinking should we try one last time or is it thoroughly selfish to risk both myself and a future child. I guess if I knew what the monitoring support would be like it would help.

It's so difficult as there is very little research available on it which I don't really understand.

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