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Shooting pains at 35 weeks (VBAC)

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HeavyMetalMama Fri 09-Feb-18 19:34:17

I 35 weeks today with my second baby, but my last was 10 years ago and I can’t remember much. I’ve been getting such strong shooting pains from my belly button to my c section scar/vagina for a few days but they’re so close together now, paracetamol won’t touch it and they’re gone I a few seconds. It’s really enough to stop me walking and shriek!
Has anyone else had this? He was head down at my last growth scan last month and the pressure on me down low is so much I feel like I’m gonna burst. Spent Monday in labour triage for c section pains but they told me it can’t rupture unless I’m in labour.
Sorry it’s a long one!

Shaunieh95 Sat 10-Feb-18 10:07:17

I've been getting exact same although this is my 1st baby.

I get pains up right to my belly button, turns out it's because baby's head is engaging and nothing to worry about, the shooting pains, pressure and the aches and all part of the baby getting in position 😊.

I was extremely worried so went to my midwife who confirmed x

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