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nuchal test - blood test

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linz0308 Thu 08-Feb-18 15:57:13

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is measured in the bloodtest that determines the ratio score for DS?

I am 36, no health issues and normal BMI. Baby's nuchal fold measured 1.1mm, which is low risk, when my risk factor came back I got a 1:510 for downs.

I know that this is considered low risk but I am aware of other mums-to-be that are a lot older that have scored a much better ratio. (My friend is 42 had higher nuchal fold and got a ratio of 1:12,000).

I know part of the blood test tests for Low PAPPA-A which again I do not have but do not have any other information on what is tested. I feel that there has to be something found in the blood test that brings my score down. If anyone knows what else is tested I would greatly appreciate it. I wish they would tell you how the score is calculated.


Pittcuecothecookbook Thu 08-Feb-18 16:46:03

I was 1:410 and midwife said that's low risk as it's 1:150 or under that would be considered otherwise. I'm happy that low risk is low risk and it'll drive you mad working it out tbh. There will always be someone with a lower score so try to put it out your mind.

BadlyParkedRangeRover Thu 08-Feb-18 16:49:16

Usually calculated on nuchal fold, papp-a and beta HCG. High HCG is associated with Downs, however yours is a low risk result.

linz0308 Thu 08-Feb-18 20:30:07

Thanks guys, I wish I had got the harmony test instead.

BadlyParkedRangeRover Thu 08-Feb-18 20:37:08

As long as you're over 10 weeks you can have the harmony test

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