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Heavy Legs

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ForeverHopeful21 Thu 08-Feb-18 14:31:06

I'm 30 weeks.
I've had trouble sleeping for ages now so nothing new there but to add to my bedtime troubles I'm now getting very achy hips and legs. Initially it was just whilst I was in bed, but today they have been bothering me all day. They feel so heavy and uncomfortable.

I've previously experienced restless legs (where they flinch and jump) and I've also had cramp in my calves a couple of times but this is different. They feel achy like I've ran a marathon and my hips feel like they have to much weight on them.

Anyone else experienced this or know how to stop it??

Sadhairdaytoday Thu 08-Feb-18 14:37:01

Could it be swelling that's making them feel heavy? Try and raise them above head height (on pillows?) When you can. Possibly get your DH to rub them (I wish mine would!)

Mine feel heavy and sometimes the skin feels tight, in my case it's definitely swelling. I'm also 30 weeks but recognise the early 'signs' as I had v bad swelling late in my last pregnancy.

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