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Folic acid worry

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PurpleGuppy Thu 08-Feb-18 09:07:02

I'm worried because I didn't take folic acid three months before trying to conceive.
This is my third pregnancy and I did with my first two. This one wasn't as planned and it happened very quickly so I only ended up taking it for just under three weeks before conceiving.
Anyone else in the same boat and can put my mind at rest?
I understand that many pregnancies are a surprise but I can't help but worry 😞

DaisyLand Thu 08-Feb-18 09:09:10

Hi. I started taking mine once i came to know I was pregnant (5w). It’s a recommendation that say will help but just taking it or not won’t automatically cause spina bifida issues.

On my 20w scan they said my baby’s spina was well formed.

Lweji Thu 08-Feb-18 09:11:17

Folic acid helps, but it's not mandatory and most women won't need it.
It's mainly to prevent spina bifida, which is a rare condition anyway.
And if you have a healthy varied diet, or at least one rich in folic acid (check which foods have it), you should be fine.
At least you've taken it before conceiving. Relax.

Spam88 Thu 08-Feb-18 09:27:56

I think the NHS advice is just to take it when ttc anyway? It's only on here I've read about people taking it before. I could be wrong though.

MrsJayy Thu 08-Feb-18 09:36:26

I really wouldn't worry too much as you took it first 12 weeks I dont know why you are reccommended(sp) when you are ttc. I Have SB I took a different prescribed dose but it was just for a few months and not when ttc.

FirstMumToBe Thu 08-Feb-18 09:41:21

I didnt start taking it till I found out I was pregnant which was when I was around 4-5 weeks, when I did start taking it for some reason my body just didn't like it, I was throwing up about an hour or so after taking!! The midwife in the end told me to stop taking it and then when I went to the 20 week scan everything was perfect (apart from the baby lying in an awkward position which resulted in 2, twenty minutes walks!)

A lot of women don't even know they're pregnant until they're further along so don't have chance to take the vitamins! If you're really worried just mention it to your midwife and ask for her take on it smile

Ihatemarmite123 Thu 08-Feb-18 09:44:55

I took it for 3 months before and first 12 weeks with my first. They died from a serious defect.

This pregnancy I took it for only 4 weeks and baby has been excessively scanned and is fine.

I'm sure you will be fine, if you are worried ask gp for higher dose folic acid

PurpleGuppy Thu 08-Feb-18 10:02:14

Thank you for the replies, there's nothing I can do about it now anyway but it really is comforting to know I'm not the only one.
thanksfor those who have had problems with themselves and previous pregnancies.

MrsJayy Thu 08-Feb-18 10:05:43

I know it must be stressful for you but do try and not get to worked up when is your scan?

PurpleGuppy Thu 08-Feb-18 10:09:38

I'm only 4.4 weeks so haven't been given a scan date. I have a history of anxiety so trying to get perspective and not let things get on top of me - I really want to enjoy this pregnancy and relax!

silkpyjamasallday Thu 08-Feb-18 10:19:43

I had HG and never managed to keep any pregnancy supplements down, let alone manage a healthy balanced diet, DD arrived absolutely perfect and is hitting all her milestones early. I'd stressed myself out during pregnancy that something would be wrong because I couldn't take the pills but it was worry for no reason. Your body has stores of all the things needed to carry a healthy pregnancy without the need for supplements in most cases, or you wouldn't have got pregnant in the first place, my midwife told me this to reassure me. Congratulations on your pregnancy, I have anxiety too but try not to stress too much thanks

DRSLondon Thu 08-Feb-18 10:54:45

I had a baby with spina bifida so know a fair amount. Firstly the spine closes at around 4 weeks into a pregnancy and that's the time when some people realise they are pregnant so that is why it is advisable to take it before you know you are pregnant/while you are try. Secondly it is very rare (1 in 1,500) and often so mild it would have no impact on a child's life. So I wouldn't worry. Most women who have babies with spina bifida have a problem storing folic acid or are on specific medication. Good luck x

LadyRenoir Thu 08-Feb-18 14:10:06

I took none before TTC as I did not even know you were meant to take folic acid, and then to be honest I went through a really tough time because of family illness , and often forgot to take the tablets (which made me feel even more sick than I already was). I decided to supplement naturally through food, as I believe in the UK they are over reliant on the vitamins, and you can get all you need from food, unless you have a condition where you don't absorb vitamins and minerals.

Chaosofcalm Thu 08-Feb-18 14:12:09

Do you eat cereal or bread regularly? Folic acid is artificial added to most cereal and bread for this reason.

PurpleGuppy Fri 09-Feb-18 09:32:06

I do eat bread and cereal so hopefully hay will have topped me up before taking them, thank you.

PinkChestnut Fri 09-Feb-18 11:52:05

I didn't start taking folic acid until I was 5 weeks pregnant. Baby is now 8 months old and totally healthy.

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