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7 weeks and don’t feel pregnant!

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Alicia870 Wed 07-Feb-18 20:24:51

Hi ladies

I’m 7w+1 and I’m finding things really stressful and worrying at the moment. Granted, I do have some breast pain but other than that, if I hadn’t had positive tests 3 weeks ago and no period yet I would not even know I was pregnant. I have my first scan at 10 and half weeks and it just seems to be taking so long! I can’t stop thinking about all things pregnancy and I’m finding it so hard not being able to tell anyone and reading about symptoms to find I don’t have any! I’m not sick, I don’t have cramps, no cravings. I think I am more tired than usual but otherwise nothing out of the ordinary. Does anyone else feel like it’s so weird how you just do your own test at home and then there’s nothing at all for weeks and weeks?!

BarryTheKestrel Wed 07-Feb-18 20:28:26

Me too! In my last pregnancy I was sick from the day before I did a test at 3 weeks along with a whole host of other symptoms. So far I'm only 5 weeks but I have no symptoms at all other than slightly sore boobs. Still very early days though!

nomorespaghetti Wed 07-Feb-18 20:30:09

I was just thinking that today OP, about how you're very much left to your own devices in the beginning! When I was pregnant with DD i was horrendously sick all the way through. This time I'm not, I am tired, but that's probably due to the early rising 2 year old! Everyone is different, I know it's a worrying time, I had awful prenatal anxiety when i was pregnant last time, I do understand how truly debilitating it is. The only thing you can do is wait it out and be kind to yourself. Lots of people have minimal symptoms, and i read somewhere that symptoms don't tend to kick in until 7ish weeks anyway. Good luck

Starface Wed 07-Feb-18 20:37:59

What's stopping you telling people? It's a total social rule, and one I didn't abide by in any of my pregnancies. I think what drives it is not wanting to talk about miscarriage if it happens, but I always figured I would want to talk about it/get support if it did anyway, so I couldn't really see a reason to follow that social rule. In other countries/societies it is common to talk about it more. If you don't want others to talk I guess that's the main reason.

If you read Ann Oakleys sociological studies of pregnancy from about the 70s, before pregnancy testing was widely available, people didn't even know they were pregnant for ages. Some of them talked about thinking they had gastroenteritis (and it being labelled as that by their gp).

Anyway, my early pregnancy symptoms often showed up a bit later, round weeks 8 to 10. You still have time! Lucky you if you don't get them.

It is a weird and abstract thing at first. I've just found out I'm expecting my third and still getting my head round it. I will tell family at about 5 weeks and work a week or two later.

Alicia870 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:14:30

I think the not telling people thing is just to protect ourselves as I do have friends that I would love to share it with but I think when you share such news you need to be prepared that it may go further which we’re not prepared to do just yet. But I completely think each to their own and understand others wanting to share. I guess we are all in the same position. Hope in there next few weeks go quickly!

CherryVicky29 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:56:53

I was exactly like this in the first trimester I only suffered sore breast and bloat and was convinced I was pregnant, currently 18 weeks and all going okay 🙂

CherryVicky29 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:57:29

Convinced I wasn’t pregnant*

Alicia870 Wed 07-Feb-18 22:06:08

That is reassuring thank you smile

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