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Pregnant straight after MC.

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fidgetsmumx Wed 07-Feb-18 19:37:20

As the header says, I’m pregnant immediately after a MC in December with no period in between and I’m absolutely petrified sad
My pregnancy history goes as so: MMC, healthy child, Blighted Ovum, MC.
So my 3 losses aren’t consecutive and I’m struggling to find support.
I’m between 7-9w. I tried to book myself in with the midwife immediately but the receptionist just wrote my number in the book and said she’d contact me (this was 2 weeks ago), I called EPU to see if they’d give me a reassurance scan to be told cos I’m not bleeding I’d need a referral, so finally I saw the doctor who just sent a referral to the midwife with a note advising an early scan due to ‘anxiety’.. This was 7 days ago and I’ve heard nothing yet..

I’m slowing going out of my mind, I’ve even bought a Doppler that I can’t find a heartbeat on which I know I’m likely too early but I just needed some reassurance.
I’m waking in the night to check for bleeding, I have heart palpitations every time I need to go to the toilet sad
I’m not sure what the point of this post is but I’m really struggling right now and I just need some support.

I’ll be really grateful for any replies.
Thank you.

Aria2015 Wed 07-Feb-18 19:49:22

I got pregnant before a period and after a miscarriage. They did give me an early scan quickly though because they needed to confirm it was a pregnancy and not retained tissue from the miscarriage. Apparently this retained tissue (they called it an incomplete miscarriage?) can trick your body into still thinking it's pregnant when it's not? Also they said if I was pregnant they'd need to date the pregnancy and without a period to go by, a scan was the only way. It's such a shame you've had to wait as long as you have, I only had to wait a week which felt like a life time. Anyway, it was my third pregnancy after two miscarriages and it was a successful pregnancy. I was very anxious and worried about it happening so quickly but my doctor said my body wouldn't get pregnant if it wasn't ready. Not sure if that's true but it did make me feel better. I hope you have the same positive outcome, good luck!

fidgetsmumx Wed 07-Feb-18 19:53:50

That’s reassuring, thanks so much and I’m glad your pregnancy was a healthy rainbow! I know it is a new pregnancy because after the loss in December I was scanned to make sure I’d passed everything and EPU also did a pregnancy test which had returned to negative. It’s all in my notes so they told me as I’m not bleeding they won’t see me unless a midwife refers me. Sucks.

Thank you for replying x

Aria2015 Wed 07-Feb-18 21:28:15

Ah, you see I hadn't had that and I hadn't had a negative pregnancy test (didn't test to check). They should definitely scan you though to date the pregnancy at least. I would start badgering. Alternatively, if you can afford it, pay for a private scan. I paid for a private scans with my second pregnancy because I was anxious after the first miscarriage. It wasn't good news but I was glad to find out sooner rather than later. I also paid for private scans later in my third pregnancy when I had anxiety closer to my due date. Money well spent as far as my sanity was concerned. Good luck, I know it's horrible being so anxious. thanks

fidgetsmumx Thu 08-Feb-18 11:47:58

Private scans are great but my rota for work is done weekly so I can’t avtually schedule one with such short notice! BUT, I got my midwife appointment through today for Valentine’s Day! So I can finally express my worries with a professional.

Thank you very much again for replying I really do appreciate it xx

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