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CDH - Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

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KZnJsMum Wed 07-Feb-18 16:22:25


I found out on Thursday my unborn baby has CDH.
Atm it's mild but this could change as he develops inside me.

Has anyone had experience of this?

They also think he has a genetical chromosome disorder but no idea what yet.


endofthelinefinally Wed 07-Feb-18 16:29:44

Yes. A family member's baby was born with a previously undiagnosed diaphragmatic hernia, in the days before scans.
The baby had emergency surgery soon after birth, then had to be kept propped up and given thickened feeds untill she was weaned.
That baby is in her 30s now with a family of her own.
However, there were no genetic issues.

lovewatchingrainfall Wed 07-Feb-18 16:41:32

Yes my daughter was born with CDH.
Have you contacted CDH UK they are very helpful.

CrabbyPatty Wed 07-Feb-18 18:14:34

I used to nurse babies with CDH. Every case is different so I agree with the above that you should contact CDH UK for support. Best wishes.

KZnJsMum Wed 07-Feb-18 18:40:18

I've joined the CDH page on fb. It's all so overwhelming. 😢

lovewatchingrainfall Wed 07-Feb-18 19:02:55

It is KZnJsMum. i know how you feel. If you want to chat you can message me. You can hopefully find some amazing support on the CDH group. Have you joined there fb page for parents? or the main CDHUK Page??

KZnJsMum Wed 07-Feb-18 19:32:28

I think I've joined both. Tbh it's been a roller coaster this last week.

lovewatchingrainfall Wed 07-Feb-18 20:45:44

I bet it has. The one thing which will not help is googling. Please don't google it.

KZnJsMum Wed 07-Feb-18 21:26:04

I came out the hospital and googled. I scared myself senseless.

lovewatchingrainfall Thu 08-Feb-18 07:38:11

Poor you. Unfortunately google is not your friend in this case. As each CDh case is so different google just scares you. As I said I am here if you need to talk.

KZnJsMum Thu 08-Feb-18 20:17:18

Thank you.
I am seeing the midwives on 13th, and on the 20th I see the geneticist and another scan. I figured I'll know more than.

I have decided not to have the amniosentisis.

lovewatchingrainfall Thu 08-Feb-18 21:35:55

Hope all goes as well as expected, and don't forget to ask any questions.

Thelampshadelady Thu 08-Feb-18 23:42:08

I’m really sorry you are going through this.
This condition is a possibility for our baby. I’m having to wait til 28 weeks (4 weeks away) to find out 100%.
This follows being told the baby has its organs in the wrong places including its heart. They now think that was a mistake.
An extremely worrying time. Wishing you the best flowers

lovewatchingrainfall Fri 09-Feb-18 23:23:39

Sorry to hear you are going through the same thing @Thelampshadelady

KZnJsMum Mon 19-Feb-18 12:36:58

Back to hospital tomorrow for more scans and am appointment with the geneticist.

Hope you have some good news @TheLampshadeLady

lovewatchingrainfall Mon 19-Feb-18 13:30:20

Have been thinking of you. How are you doing??

KimchiLaLa Mon 19-Feb-18 15:38:35

Yes, someone in my close family. Baby is now a strapping 9 year old, lovely boy who does so well at school as is such a wise yes he does have to have regular hospital visits but he's doing ok. The doctors at GOSH have been amazing.

lovewatchingrainfall Tue 20-Feb-18 10:53:28

Hope things go okay today @KZnJsMum

KZnJsMum Tue 20-Feb-18 10:59:35

@Lovewatchingrainfall I am ok. Keeping myself busy and distracted but I'm ok x

@Kimchilala that's reassuring to know!!!!

KZnJsMum Tue 20-Feb-18 21:44:24

Ok as promised an update on baby Vaughan.
His CDH (congenital diaphragmatic hernia) is still mild. The latest reports that only his stomach is in his chest. He will need surgery to bring stomach down and repair the hernia. His lung that is developed is a good size.
He still has his fists clenched BUT he's moving his thumbs. We've seen the geneticist and once he's born they will come over to neonatal and take a sample from his umbilical cord to check his genes and see if he has a genetical chromosome disorder.
I did have the decision to make on whether we had the amniosentisis or not and it's not something that I want.
We are meeting with the surgeon next week to discuss the surgery he needs and also induction date x

Vaughans 3d scan of his face and his hands.

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