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ttc, thoughts, opinions, advice. Please!

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sunshinewalks Wed 07-Feb-18 12:32:04

sorry in advance for the monologue!
So.. we been TTC for a fair few months, I have long bleeds (never less than 5 days usually around 7 ) and long cycles usually around 37-40 days. OPKs have been used over the last couple of months to gauge some idea of when I may be ovulating, only had one strip that was anywhere near the colour it needed to be so have put them down as not useful!. I have very occasionally had short cycles 23/24 but not in the last 2 years.
I am expecting my period in 11 days (or hopefully not!) however my breast are sore around the sides and feel heavy and I keep getting cramping/aching, lower back ache. Usually when I am due on I get belly ache and sometimes sore breasts and not usually this early before I am due on. Usually about 3/4days before. I don't know if I am over thinking things or what!! Any thoughts, opinions or advice would be welcome!! Thanks for listening, sunshinewalks xox

Anna2006 Wed 07-Feb-18 12:43:05

If you are due on in 11 days as per your usual cycle, a women doesn’t have a luteal phase longer than 16 days. Usually more around 14 days from ovulation so it would be far too early for pregnancy symptoms if that’s what you mean as it is unlikely it would of been implanted as it’s likely you only ovulated 3 days ago ish.

Could just be a weird cycle Our bodies do bizarre things. Or you could be having a shorter cycle like you said an it’s period symptoms or BFP symtpoms. But would expect you to get a period or BFP within next 3/4 days if that was the case.

sunshinewalks Wed 07-Feb-18 12:51:29

Its just really confusing as never having a positive opk test (did them morning/evening) I know I need to chill and just let nature takes its course etc and have lots of fun in the mean time, I just feel weird this month it is so strange! Maybe it was the full moon making me weird haha. Think I will get my period though, feeling way to emotional!

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