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Dont know what to do....

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flowa79 Wed 07-Feb-18 11:22:32

Since the beginning of my pregnancy its been agreed id have a section due to pre existing health issues. Rightly so consultant said as long as i get to 37 weeks he'd b happy to do it then. Just had my appt with him this morning to get day as 37 weeks on friday and he has booked me in for an induction to start monday. An induction!!!! Giving birth naturally greatly increases my risk of blindness (neuro letter supports this) and also of paralysis (neurosurgeon letter supports this) was also supposed to be sterilised at same time but now got to make appt with gp. Im completey terrified and devestated and feel as if i've been played and now ignored. Is there any point in making a birth plan to support me thro the induction as am afraid they will totally ignore that too. I really dont know now where to turn....

mindutopia Wed 07-Feb-18 11:38:32

You can say no. You don't have to be induced if you don't want to. You also don't have to turn up to the induction. Most people would prefer an induction to a c-section, so he might have thought that was what you wanted. Did you explain that you wanted a planned section? Do you have a midwife as well? If so, I'd call and speak to her or the supervisor of midwives if you are shared care or ask your neuro to give him a call. Either way, if you don't want to be induced, it's your choice. Just call and cancel it so they can give that slot to someone else who needs it.

codswallopandbalderdash Wed 07-Feb-18 11:46:05

Ring your midwife. Get her to call the consultant. Get your OH to call the consultant's secretary to cancel the induction and say you want another appointment with the consultant to discuss what happens next. do not go to this appointment without backup - i.e. someone who can say no to an induction and press for a c-section. It shouldn't be so hard should it? FWIW I had to say no repeatedly to consultant / hospital midwife about proposed induction - it was bloody wearing and I needed support to get views listened to

anxiouswaiting Wed 07-Feb-18 14:07:21

I would be wondering why an induction at 37 weeks? I would understand a section being done early in case you start labour first, but if he wants you to have a vaginal delivery then why induce this instead of letting things happen naturally? Or do your health conditions mean you need an early delivery?

As others have said, they can't force you to have an induction. Can you make an appointment to see him ot your midwife and discuss your concerns again? x

flowa79 Wed 07-Feb-18 15:30:37

A section was agreed 7mths ago due to health issues (mine) and reiterated since december as lo has dropped 2 the 3rd centile and estimated weight only just over 4lbs. Also had preterm babies in past. Never made it to 36wks on any of them. It was a very tough decision on my part to go ahead with this pregnancy and needed reassurance that id b monitored closely due to meds id need to come off etc, so been consultant led from start and only ever saw a midwife at booking in. Its as if he has had a total mind fart and forgetten which patient he talking to this morning. Im also afraid that if i say no to this induction now he will totally refuse to go back to te original plan that was agreed between my other specialists and himself

Lifeofpies Wed 07-Feb-18 15:42:56

You absolutely have a right to an ELCS. Check out

flowa79 Wed 07-Feb-18 15:58:45

Lifeofpies thanks for the info. Will email them later am also trying to get in touch with my hospitals complaints department as well as calling other hospitals close to me that may be able to facilitate a section

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