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Is it labor???

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WombOfOnesOwn Wed 07-Feb-18 04:57:32

I didn't think I'd ever ask this, my first labor had a very standard contraction pattern -- first 15-20 minutes apart and 20-30 seconds long, gradually intensifying until by the time they were 3 minutes apart, they were well over a minute long.

Earlier today I lost some mucus plug. Tonight (35+5) I've been experiencing contractions every 3 minutes that were about 25-35 seconds long. Now they're every 2 minutes, but still something I can basically type through (talking is starting to get a little weird, I start drifting off and sort of withdrawing into myself?), and are taking about 40 seconds.

What's up with this? Why are the contractions so short, given the short intervals? Is this prodromal labor, or possibly some strangely gentle version of the real thing?

betterbemoreorganised Wed 07-Feb-18 05:36:16

Probably early labour. You can walk around to try and get things going but if its not too painful I’d rest. Hopefully someone else will come along soon who has experienced a few labours. Good luck x

LS83 Wed 07-Feb-18 06:02:55

It definitely sounds like it could be. As it's your second, give your antenatal ward/assessment unit a ring and let them know what's happening. They may advise you to come in (possibly due to gestation as an extra factor) or at least take your details for when you ring back later if contractions get worse. They'll either become more painful and longer or they'll die down at this point. Good luck!

Oysterbabe Wed 07-Feb-18 06:16:06

You're preterm so need to go in and be checked.

WombOfOnesOwn Wed 07-Feb-18 06:49:04

In my hospital system (I'm in the US), they let you deliver if you're 34+ anyway, so there's no difference to how it's treated versus a full-term mother. The contractions seem to have petered out for now, so looks like he's staying in awhile longer!

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