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8 weeks and feel rubbish 😞

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nik1985 Tue 06-Feb-18 21:52:06

Hello. I’m 8 weeks tomorrow and for the past 2.5 weeks I have been feeling nauseous/sore boobs/exhausted and vomited a few times. I have got massive food aversions and am really struggling to eat. I can’t remember the last time I ate a full proper meal and I am just picking at whatever I fancy at the time. I am trying to drink as much as I can but it still probably isn’t enough. Have felt really crap today and vomited loads. Managed to eat some cereal but now just feel sick and have come to bed. I will usually eat anything and everything, and have lost about half a stone in the last 4 weeks (I am overweight) I have my first Midwife appt on Friday. I’m just not sure whether to go to the GP (if they would be able to do anything) or just wait to mention it on Friday. I had an early scan last week and little bean is all fine, heart beating away and the right size for weight. Sorry for the long post, been a rubbish day and needed to get it off my chest x

DuggeeHugs Tue 06-Feb-18 22:03:22

What you've just described could be me in early pregnancy. It is utterly exhausting. With DC1 I could only eat potatoes - even then the nausea just wouldn't go away.

I think it depends how much/often you are vomiting as to whether you need to see your GP or wait for the midwife.

First trimester is tough flowers

Princesspinkgirl Tue 06-Feb-18 22:27:19

Id like to say it gets easier it doesn't hope you feel better soon

nik1985 Sat 10-Feb-18 09:24:40

Thank you 💐 The last couple of days have been better (not brilliant) but more manageable! Had Midwife yesterday and all was fine 😊

AnUtterIdiot Sat 10-Feb-18 09:28:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

otherdoor Sat 10-Feb-18 09:29:51

Ah I remember those days. It was so hard! It got easier for me around 14 weeks, then the rest of the pregnancy was a breeze. Congratulations and hope you feel better soon flowers

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