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Wrong dates?! no heartbeat!

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Chloead Tue 06-Feb-18 16:03:52

I found out I was pregnant on the 4th of January. A week Sunday I started to bleed and went to a&e bloods were taken (almost 4000 hcg) Gyne checked me over and said my cervix was currently closed he could see a small fresh bleed but didn't know where it was coming from.

When I rang back for my results I was told no more blood tests but to have a scan in a weeks time. During the past week the pain got worse and so did the bleeding, I had clotting too. several different phone calls and each time Told to wait for my scan. although my clotting had stopped over the last couple of days I was still bleeding enough for a pad a day (was told only to go back to a&e if it was a pad an hour and the pain was unbearable).

My scan was yesterday and I have to say the staff were awful again. explained nothing and I had to ring my midwife later to get her to go over everything with me.

I was left completely confused after my scan. From my midwives calculation (LMP) I would now be in week 10.

1. my periods are different every month

2. the date she Is working off 4th dec is only because I told her I couldn't remember the exact date in dec and I knew was deffo on my period previous month 4th nov.

3. if it was that date I would of conceived on my period, which is not the case

4. I don't have sex for at least a week after my period has finished.

so dates don't work out, I think its most likely that I conceived around Christmas, would I still be able to test positive so early in jan?I only did a test because I Felt so weird.

So they had to do an internal scan and could only see a yolk sack and a small fetal pole(which they didn't tell me at the time my midwife did after), no heartbeat but wouldn't tell me whether I had or hadn't had a miscarriage. I'm guessing because of the LMP (last menstrual period) date they were given, the scan looks negative although they didn't say anything at all. They just told me there was no heartbeat and to come back for another scan in 10 days time.

I'm hoping that I'm right and I concieved a lot later than they thought, but I don't know because of the bleeding and pain.

I'm just annoyed with how I've been treated and feel like they really don't give a crap.

still no idea if my bean is alive, why I'm bleeding, where the bleed is coming from and why I'm in pain. refusing to give me bloods too so completely in limbo, how can they do this!


Twitchett22 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:13:46

No one ever knows the conception date which is why they always go from first day of your last period. I dont know too much about early pregnancy/scans etc but hopefully its because your very early and next scan will tell you more. It doesn't sound like you've been treated great, unfortunately it's easy for some health professionals to minimise how worrying first stages of pregnancy can be for women, its our potential baby and we get worried sick and want to know whats going on - for them its not even a baby and if it turns out to be a loss they dont even class it as a pregnancy this early. I hope you get some answers at your next scan, good luck flowers

QueenAravisOfArchenland Tue 06-Feb-18 16:32:31

A month+ post a positive test you would be expecting to be at least 7 weeks pregnant and generally to see a heartbeat. The very earliest you can get a positive on the most sensitive pregnancy tests is at around 3w2d gestation and a heartbeat is usually visible at 7w, 8 at the absolute latest. So I'm afraid if you're nearly 5 weeks post getting a positive test, I would prepare yourself for the news that the pregnancy hasn't progressed.

You can't be told that definitively based on one scan which is why they've asked you to come back for a second though, because there's always the possibility, medically speaking, you were wrong about test/period date and you are only about 5w.

sirlee66 Tue 06-Feb-18 16:41:52

In so sorry you feel like you have been treated badly. I totally get it. At 12 weeks I started bleeding and I didn't know what to do, rushed to the hospital and the booking nurse said even if I was losing my baby there's nothing they could do and to go home... I know she was right but it just felt so insensitive and made me worry and stress more.

Hold tight for your scan!! Good luck xx

Addy2 Tue 06-Feb-18 20:23:20

It's an unfortunate fact that there is nothing they can really do but wait and see. In their defence, the health service are under tremendous pressure and hcps probably see this a lot. It must get frustrating to have to tell people over and over that there's nothing that can be done and they have to wait and see. Not your fault of course and I understand your concern, but it might help to consider their situation too. I find the best early scans are private ones, as they can afford to take the time to explain more thoroughly. Could you go for one of those?

Shannan Wed 07-Feb-18 17:31:10

My last proper period was the 8th of December but I had spotting around 2nd of jan which has never happened before, I found out I was pregnant on the 25th of jan so my doctor thought I was 8 weeks last week, I had an early scan last Friday and they saw nothing at all on ultrasound, my hcg levels were 2322 so I went back 48 hours later for another hcg test where they went up to almost 7000 in 48 hours and had another scan on Tuesday just 4 days after my last one and saw a sac, you might of conceived late. If I was you I'd go to doctors and demand a blood test and ask as many questions as you can it's there job youd think they'd sympathise and explain everything to women to save the worry and confusion. Good luck

Ihatemarmite123 Wed 07-Feb-18 17:47:52

I found out I was pregnant at just under 4 weeks, I bled and had an early scan. By my dates I was 7 weeks, the scan showed nothing. They told me to go back in a week. After a week of worrying on the next scan there was a fetal pole and gestational sac. Finally a heart beat could be seen the following week.

You may have conceived later than you thought, I did by about 10-14 days. The wait it awful but hang in there

Chloead Thu 08-Feb-18 23:07:32

thanks for all the replies, the wait is killing me I must of rang the epu 10 times , my midwife and went to my gp yesterday. everyone is refusing to do bloods saying it would make no difference.i was told the reason they do them is if they are low originally they want to rule out ectopic once they reach a certain level she said theres no point, which I don't understand as surely if they had dropped I would know I was having a MC. she didn't think should have anything to worry about and agreed I could be much later than what the midwife had put down since I only had sex once it would of had to be around that time. she told me she knew several people had bled very heavily through the entire pregnancy and were sure they had lost little bean but all survived with no problems. she also told me that the stage in which u hear the heartbeat is different for everyone but should be visible by 7 weeks. I was Told that some pregnancy tests are sensitive enough to detect pregnancy as early as a week or so after conception.
she printed out the report and gave me it for piece of mind but when I got home I read that it said 'irregular gestational sack' now I'm worried about that!!
thanks for the support I am really struggling, im only 21 im in the process of trying to buy a house too, its all getting too much.


CapnHaddock Thu 08-Feb-18 23:14:51

You can have a missed miscarriage which is where the pregnancy doesn't progress but your body doesn't realise so bloods don't tell you much. They do another scan to see if there's any change (ie it's too early to find a heartbeat) or things have stayed the same ( ie the pregnancy isn't progressing and you will miscarry but it may not happen immediately). The waiting's awful - I really feel for you winethanks

AnUtterIdiot Thu 08-Feb-18 23:52:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheCatsPaws Fri 09-Feb-18 07:41:23

Oh OP. I’m so sorry for how you’re being treated.

Unfortunately from what you’ve said, i would prepare yourself for a miscarriage. I’ve been there a few times and had a situation like this one where they kept putting my dates back. I’m hoping it’s just a mistake but unfortunately you should’ve seen a heartbeat. So I’d be expecting to find out it’s not viable

pinkie87 Fri 09-Feb-18 08:43:06

I'm sorry you feel you're in the dark. If you conceived around Christmas time, then you should be around 8 weeks by now, and there should probably be a heartbeat. I was in a similar situation in September, and sadly it was discovered that I'd had a missed miscarriage. I should have been 8 weeks and a scan found only a yolk sac and fetal pole. My baby had stopped growing several weeks earlier. I really hope you get some positive news, but it's something to be aware of too. Sorry OP, the limbo and waiting for me was the absolute hardest part. My situation was slightly different in that I had no bleeding whatsoever, so went into that scan fully expecting to see a wriggly little bean with a heartbeat. Thinking of you x

Doublechocolatetiffin Fri 09-Feb-18 09:19:53

I’m so sorry you are going through this OP, it does sound like they haven’t explained things well to you.

I had a missed miscarriage last year and went through a similar waiting period of unknown. It was awful and I really feel for you. I was quite certain of my dates and thought I was 11 weeks but the baby was measuring 5 weeks and no heartbeat.

What they told me was that they can only legally diagnose a miscarriage if the baby is bigger than 7mm with no heartbeat. If it’s measuring smaller than that then they have to do two scans at least a week apart to confirm that there has been no growth. Otherwise it could just be that your dates are wrong.

Sadly there just isn’t anything you can do but wait and see what the scan indicates next week. I hope that helps to explain what they are doing. I really hope it is good news for you.

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