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Hcg levels not rising much

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Flameredbus Tue 06-Feb-18 12:50:35

Hi everyone. I had my hcg levels taken 2 days ago at 4 weeks pregnant and they were 149. Today after 48 hours they are only 160. No pain no bleeding. Hospital feel a viable pregnancy is unlikely now. Does anyone else have a similar experience?

Flameredbus Tue 06-Feb-18 16:48:16

Any thoughts...please?

Isittimeforbed Tue 06-Feb-18 16:50:37

Yes I'm afraid it's unlikely. I'm sorry. You'd expect a bigger rise over 2 days. Will they take them again or just watch and wait?

Flameredbus Tue 06-Feb-18 16:56:10

We're testing again in 2 days but i think they are looking for an ectopic pregnancy now 😑

Isittimeforbed Tue 06-Feb-18 17:40:14

It's not by any means likely to be ectopic, it's just that they need it make sure they don't just assume it isn't and send you off to wait. With a small rise it's more likely that it'll resolve itself with the hcg peaking soon and then falling. I had this and it dragged on for a couple of weeks but didn't need any treatment. Sorry, I know it's not nice waiting.

chickenhawk Tue 06-Feb-18 17:44:48

I've had similar and it was a miscarriage in my case, sorry. It's awful waiting but it's good they are testing again in a couple of days, you'll probably know more by then.

Flameredbus Tue 06-Feb-18 19:26:59

Thanks for replying. How long do you think it will take to miscarry?

RestlessLegKick Tue 06-Feb-18 20:06:50

When I had very slow rising HCG last year I was told that it would more than likely be a non viable pregnancy and I would miscarry soon, or else it would be an ectopic pregnancy which would be more unlikely. Unfortunately mine turned into an ectopic which had to be terminated eventually at 9 weeks.

I did a lot of research at the time about slow rising hcg and there were a few rare stories where it did work, but not too often.

My advice is to very very cautiously hope for the best, but to also mentally prepare for the worst.

I still wish you luck as it must be so hard for you now.

RestlessLegKick Tue 06-Feb-18 20:09:24

Also, you won't miscarry (bleed) until your hCG levels start to drop and nobody can predict when that will happen.

If might not happen at all even.

MagicalCreatures Tue 06-Feb-18 22:50:17

Hi OP.
That sounds very much like my story and unfortunately it didn’t end well.
My HCG at 4+4 was 175 and 2 days later was 209.
I was at risk of an ectopic but that was ruled out after a scan, when they found what they believed to be a sac in my uterus measuring 5 weeks when I should have been 5+4 but obviously I still had hope.
1 week later my HCG was only at 631 and 1 week after that was 1618.
They put me at risk of ectopic again as those HCG rises are consistent with an ectopic and as no heartbeat of yolk sac was found in the sac in my uterus they said they couldn’t rule out ectopic.
But after another thorough scan they did eventually rule out ectopic completely.
I was told to wait 2 weeks (at 7+3) to see if I would miscarry naturally. I started bleeding on and off almost straight away with very small clots etc and minor cramping. But after 2 weeks I had another scan and the sac was still there. I ended up with medical management.
I searched high and low for positive stories like mine and really struggled to find any.
I hope you have a better outcome but please prepare for the worst. I had time to come to terms with the loss and to prepare for it and it helped a lot.

Flameredbus Wed 07-Feb-18 00:54:26

Thank you everyone for replying

Flameredbus Thu 08-Feb-18 15:15:16

So bloods taken again and they are dropping. Looks like its over before it all properly begun :😑

MagicalCreatures Thu 08-Feb-18 15:39:11

OP I’m so sorry. It really does hurt so much. I know the feeling. You are not alone and it really does help talking about it and expressing your feelings. How are you feeling in yourself?

Flameredbus Thu 08-Feb-18 16:58:38

I feel ok atm thank you. Ive been greiving for a few days since the second bloods. I just want it to be over now if that doesnt sound too hasty but there will be some waiting i guess whilst my body realises that all is not well

MagicalCreatures Thu 08-Feb-18 19:31:30

There’s no shame in that. I was exactly the same. I knew from the first blood test that it wasn’t going to be a happy outcome. I too had grieved and then was ready to move on. But unfortunately I didn’t miscarry naturally even after bleeding for 2 weeks. But miscarrying naturally is nature’s way of being kind to us and letting us know that there was nothing we could have done to make it right. Your hormones are dropping now too which (the only way I could describe it) feels like post natal depression. Just take some time to yourself, look after yourself. You will get through it. X

Flameredbus Thu 08-Feb-18 19:50:45

Thank you magical

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