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Movements with anterior placenta

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PJsAndProsecco Tue 06-Feb-18 11:32:14

I had my 20 week scan yesterday which showed I have an anterior placenta this time around! I had been wondering, as i've only felt the odd poke and wriggle here and there and this being my second, I thought I'd feel more by now!
When did you feel regular and stronger movements with an anterior placenta? I had a posterior one with my first so no experience! Makes me worried about monitoring movement?! How will it be done?

Shmithecat Tue 06-Feb-18 11:36:24

I had anterior with DS and didn't feel much until 23 weeks onwards. You feel more as the placenta moves round and baby gets bigger.

Shmithecat Tue 06-Feb-18 11:37:18

To add, I was then kicked inside out from 29 weeks until the day he was born. 😣

Downbutnotyetout Tue 06-Feb-18 11:41:46

I have one, and didn’t really feel full on movements until about 25 weeks, but no mistaking the kicks since then. I’ve had a lot of extra scans and even now (38 weeks) I can see movements on the screen that I can’t feel on one side.

PJsAndProsecco Tue 06-Feb-18 12:43:36

Ah, does it move around then? I'm expecting it'll be around 3 or 4 more weeks before I'm feeling more regular movements then. Crazy how different it makes the pregnancy!

Doublechocolatetiffin Tue 06-Feb-18 13:01:32

I’ve had anterior placentas both pregnancies, first I didn’t feel much till about 25 weeks. This time it was earlier, probably 21/22 weeks when I started feeling proper kicks. It goes from nothing to strong kicks very quickly I think with an anterior placenta. Once they are big enough for you to actually feel the kicks, they wallop you grin

newmum726 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:45:11

im 31 week and have a anterior placenta , its really hard to monitor moments for me cos its my first and I still feel so new to it all sometimes others can scare you by saying they feel it all the time , mine is more active in the afternoon and at night so I concentrate on that and I feel her more when im relaxed. its still good to get checked if you feel worries at any point...I feel sad sometimes that I cant feel her all the time or very much

WineAndTiramisu Tue 06-Feb-18 21:47:17

I didn't start to feel definite movements until about 25-26 weeks, am now 30 weeks and being kicked regularly!

itshappening Wed 07-Feb-18 01:21:33

I have an anterior placenta but am only 17 +5 and first timer so not really expecting to feel movements yet anyway. The sonographer told me that I would probably be delayed in feeling movements compared to people with posterior placenta position. The midwife agreed and said I might feel less of the movements but should still be able to get a baseline of what is normal for me to feel, if that makes sense, and then seek advice if movements go below what I normally feel. I agree with you though, it is worrying that monitoring movement will be harder. The midwife did say that if it was a major issue there are things they would do, but didn't specify what...presumably extra monitoring or something.

Ivebeenaroundtheblock Wed 07-Feb-18 01:30:15

the placenta is pretty big and "anterior" is a bit of a generic term for in the front so depending on where it is (totally to the front, slight left slight right etc) different women will feel varying amounts of fetal movement.
the placenta moves the same way a dot on an uninflated balloon moves when the balloon is inflated.

TooSarcastic Wed 07-Feb-18 01:56:44

Had my DD2 6 weeks ago and had an anterior placenta with her. From about 22 weeks the movements became much more noticeable and from then until birth she was much more prominent to the right than the left so placenta must have been front and left. Either way we were still able to establish a movement pattern that was normal for her and good news is that kicks were less.uncomfortable this time.around -might be because I was fatter so she had more room than DS1-

lovelystar Wed 07-Feb-18 02:02:43

I felt occasional kicks from around 23 weeks but not full on movements/rolling/hiccuping etc until around 30 weeks, he won't stop now though sometimes I feel like he's climbing out my belly button And I'm 37 weeks. Good luck! X

proudmum4 Wed 07-Feb-18 03:03:13

I am the same anteria and only started feeling then properly around 23 weeks had the odd flutter and that beforehand.
But defo felt bambino later x

RebeccaCloud9 Wed 07-Feb-18 03:14:14

I had a p both pregnancies and felt movements from really early on both times.

The thing that was different for me from my friends with a differently placed placenta was the feelings from the outside were less for me

It took longer for my partner to feel kicks through my tummy and you could never tell which bit was sticking out. But I had friends who could see clearly that a hand or foot was pushing them.

Ninjamilo Wed 07-Feb-18 09:13:29

I felt the popcorn feeling from around 18 weeks, then kicks around 22 weeks. These got much stronger around 25 weeks.

I'm 29 weeks now and went in yesterday to be monitored because I can barely feel anything compared to normal. They said she's fine, but she must have moved and my placenta is cushioning her kicks again 🙁 Very annoying and worrying when I'd got used to such strong kicks!

Newbiebaby1 Wed 07-Feb-18 16:48:36

Mine was 23 weeks, a couple of days after giving me a scare at an appointment. I’m nearly 25 weeks and I can now feel obvious movements but I have seen movement on scans that I haven’t been able to feel so it does still block it

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